Opened on march 17th, 2006, and based on initial concept of reviewing netaudios as soon as they are coming up :: views and reviews

this blog was also the place of ::the questionnaire, an experience, based on the Marcel Proust model,
submitted to a few representative net culture people.

As a "time capsule" experience, ++++++++++++ have definitively closed on march 16th, 2007.

Thank you :: So Inagawa, Jonathan Canupp, Metafame, Marcos Romero, Krishve, Mattias "Arete" Andersson, Tatsu (bump foot), Alex Cortex, Denis Fomenko, Anna Szmuc, Anita Castiel, Aquarell, Christophe Demarthe, ±•., Luis García-Pumarino, Oliviero Farneti, Sim Sullen, Sven Swift, Carl Martin, Miguel A. Garcia, Pedro and Xavier Leitão, Irie Yoshihisa, Léa Lescure, Fred Forest, Tania Mouraud, Bernard Quesniaux, Luca "Fedemarti", ig., Magnetic Djihad, Keisuke Sudo, Daniel Maze, Sieve, Aplink, BRTLMN, Kenneth Kirschner, Alexandre Navarro, Norman Fairbanks, Darren McClure, Fgmcvp, Gurdonark, Stephen Walter, David Velez, Jive Biquette, Joël Hubaut, Depth Affect, Sander Van Orischot, Neven Braum, Matt Schieffer, Graham Petch, Riku Annala, Henk, Mark Flanagan, Martin Schulte, Sticking drops, Alexey Devayin, Dave Zeal, Coldicus, Takeshi Nakamura, Tim Martin, .Anton Holota, Jeffrey Acciaioli, Phil at Belladonna, Stanislav Vdovin, Bernhard Straub, the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Lars Kranholdt, Loïs Laplace, Philippe at digitalbiotope, Claude Pélieu, Anton Cherkasov, Cheju, Juergen "PolarProject" Rieger, Michael Cottone, Sascha Muller, Aaron McCammon, Bad Loop, Emil Klotzsch, iua, Paranerd, Partikel, Jack Haberfield, Rob Lynam, Nik at Khavi, Kevin M. Krebs, Neuf Meuf, Dustin Frelich, Jochen Dworeck, Ijo, D'Incise, Masaya Sasaki, Yagya, Andrey Kiritchenko, Stud, Galaktlan, Segue, Ahasverus, Peacee F Moya, Joonas Vähämäki, Eric Delay, Sasa Vojvodic, t3tsuo ~ Fernando Ferreira, Kenji Siratori, OCP, Petr Drkula, Sergi Saldaña, Baba Llaga, Alkor, Raül Fuentes, Vitalis Popoff, Fred DeBieF, Huw "IOI" Roberts, Isuzu Kochiwa, Laurent Batailley, Javier Rubio, Henrik Summanen, Filippo and Mario Aldovini, Bernard Szajner, Andreas Buttweiler, "Manu" Ibakusha, Marcel Proust, Duff, hOus3s, Antoinette Faure, Frank at no-response, Berio at alg-label, Jasper Boer, Miles Davies at filament, Sebastian Redenz, Simon Tibor, Suur at protoplazma, Tobi Tobsucht, Thomas Park, Fern, Tio, Max Richter, Robert Henke and Daniel at the office, Vladislav Petrov, Gate Zero, cHristian negre i walczak, RichVom.Dorf, Scott Morgan, Siegmar Fricke, Cut Fire Wood, SM, Funkzelle, GQBN, ZooGoo, Ceptual, Erik Skodvin, Red Hot Wok, Hippolyte and Anatole for the patience, Edgeist, Pizo Meyer, Nikòlaos Yanakis, Max Marlow, Olivier Umhauer, QB, Damian, Robin Rimbaud, MarceXL, Andy Warhol, Steve Reich, Peter Aidu, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Ohrchitekt, Red Unit, Brian Eno, Nenad Popovic, Valérie Bollot, Paul (dissolved), King Kietu, Sensitivedub, and thank you also to everyone at :: unfoundsoundrecords, zymogen, 12rec.net, noisy vagabond recordings, monocromatica, discogs, inquietudes, lucha libre recordings, panospria, minimalnet, top-40, kikapu, eko and standard klik music, thinner - autoplate, retropublik, mnml, inmo design, monotonik, one netlabel, green rat records, decisive sound, otium, minusn, belladonna records, aerotone, aquietbump, filament recordings, laverna, netlabel-board, tropic netlabel, sutemos, netlabelism, noerror, kyoto digital, serein, stadtgruen, smt.records, mimi records, phlow, telescope, protoplazma, mahorka, bleepwatch, sonicSQUIRREL, kahvi, audio 808, systrum sistum, umanuvem, systrum sistum, hw homework, alg-a, no-response, playcode, digitalbiotope, serein, birdsong, ++sensor, protoplazma, treetrunk records, kreislauf, op3n, inoquo, eed, bleepwatch, subsource, plastic4records, archive, negative sound institute, electrosound, feed, clear-cut-records, you are not stealing records, quiet lounge, abdicate cell, miasmah, picomedia, decisive sound records, combi records, plainaudio, watmm records, pharmacom records, camomille, flamingo generation, clinical archives, garganrecords, radio france culture, radio grenouille, last.fm, minimalmusic, minimalnet, themilkfactory, netlabelism, project 168, rowolo, ubu web, and all creative commons people.


thierry massard / vendredi 16 mars 2007

Ten And Tracer :: baker's blood

I am pleased to close this blog with a release, which combined so much shared values and thoughts about what can possibly be an open-minded work, so far from stale genres and dogmas, full of creative curiosity for sounds and things around. Without complex, but with the faculty to influence notably the course on, Jonathan Canupp cultivates all these talents and some, less obvious, to discover right now.

Format :: digital
Location :: zymogen
Website :: Ten And Tracer

Metafame :: sooner ep

As a dissident of Anti Trance Corsortium 666, in 2002, and more recently (2004) author of a splendid track for a compilation of the netlabel plataforma-ltw, the very discreet Metafame makes us the honor and favours of a three tracks ep, a great piece of work. Opening on a so elegant and fine writing "confoundhalf-pint", the ep offers a vertiginous takeoff with "ec-nomy" which admittedly have, removed an "o", but certainly not sparing of sensations. Third and unfortunately last, "quaverrack" invits the listener to remain on a "parenthèse enchantée".
Yes, ::sooner is, and will remain a magic bracket.

Format :: digital
Location :: kreislauf label
related :: plataforma-ltw

Miteigi Nemoto :: Entheogen

4th lp contribution of Miteigi Nemoto for the label, and once again,
Otium did not contradict its high reputation, even if the title of the exercice can miss interest,
see being reducing, in particular for the agnostics.

Format :: digital
Location :: otium

Marcos Romero :: definition of micro tech house

The original title was trully splendid, "viaje por el deep tech micro house", this sort of combined expression between theory and passeport for an open space journey of sound investigation. Then, from now, you will probably think that the actual name will not produce the same good attention to this project, reassure yourself and let you go to enter in this particularly hypnotic experience. Practising an exceptional rhythmic intelligence, Marcos Romero is a wizard ; a wizard able to hold a fluid tonality in levitation for, example, and our greater satisfaction. Yes, enter in, this “definition” and you will leave there only while knowing that you had just made a “viaje” in a very exclusive ritual.

Format :: digital
Download :: here
Website :: Marcos Romero

Max Marlow :: skyland

First is this good surprise and nice gift … when you will have click on the link under these words,
these are the steps of an urban nomad and night bird walk of a solitary berliner, king for a day and undoubtedly one of the important live theoretician workers of the becoming netscene.
we are not yet at the end of enchantments.
Once passed, some perfectible manipulations, stays the echoes of the broken mirror ( "…sometimes he saw his real face, and sometimes a stranger at his place…" said the robots in the past) - But, already these reflections give up the place, or rather deviate with prudence in front of the road roller and the unrestrained race of the hustler, reduced to a furtive shadow.
"the pirate rebellion of skyland" does not slacken the pressure, quite the contrary, poking and ceaselessly on the wire of a circular groove, rolled-iron by an inalterable bass line.
And finally, what about "walaskjalf" ?
Well, are you talking of this gigantic track, which will make us remember for a very long time this :: skyland ?
i suppose, yes …

Format :: digital
Location :: m02v

Krishve :: cochlea

Krishve will not remain wedged in the inner ear for a long time...
"scala media", as a recording field temptation, shares a sound exploration all made of obvious pushed tubular electric density.
"scala tympani" could put at evil the membrane, but materialisation of the sparks is still quite remote - hardly if the very orchestral final one is distinguished.
"scala vestibuli" closes the ep in an entrance made of post-symphonic layers lost between two worlds. the accents are often dramatic, the tension is particularly perceptible - We will not wait for long before joining a distant sarabande, brass band in phase of total obliteration.
Krishve will not remain wedged in the inner ear for a long time...

Format :: digital
Location :: feed
Website :: Krishve

Various Artists :: pathmusick visits kreislauf

10 is the reference of this meeting of Kreislauf (our host) with Pathmusick, a very welcome visitor.
09 are the identity guests of the master of ceremony, Alex Cortex.
08 is surely a "night-time epitome" but it also could be a time passes, media noche.
07 as a laconic echo number of a distant voice, Stefan Eichinger (lopazz) have a melancholic thought for that whom we suppose Elisabetha being, and always this laconic voice haunting dehumanized corridors, loneliness?
06 as an inverted circular water movement for Seis Tormentas.
05 or was it 2 bad cop mostly disorientated.
04 is a short intermede, where the satyre is charming an innocent victim … a story to follow.
03 as a decentralized nerve movement.
02 ? please more than 2, of these so flexible harmonic tunes.
Number one is surely another track, but i'm not a number, i am a freeeee man …

Format :: digital
Location :: kreislauf label

The Stringed Theory :: supersymmetry

Call it "super" if you mean that the importance of using "super"lative is a determinating element to appreciate the "tiny oscillating strings forming the basis of everything" around the corner of the ... universe. We will probably agree on, as The Stringed Theory is giving us the demonstration of a quiet interlacing of drones and layers, reducing outlook in a working drawing distance -
:: supersymmetry is also the result of intelligent cross features with the visual artist, xNoleet, renforcing the "graphic" spirit of the release - a sketchy masterstroke

Format :: digital
Location :: bump foot
Artwork :: xNoleet
Website :: The Stringed Theory

Various Artists :: close emulsions of the 7th kind


01. Dissolved :: polymer flood ignition illusion / source :: retropublik
02. Sardinia Bass Legalize :: nyahbinghi airlines / source :: aquietbump
03. Irish & Duff :: desire / source :: flamingo generation
04. Stephen Walter :: green shift / source :: zymogen
05. Doping Mozga :: mistake / source :: abdicate cell
06. Heezen :: secret speech / source :: 12rec
07. Ascalaphe :: camelonade / source :: kreislauf
08. Xedh :: the cube / + exclusive + source :: xedh
09. Mr. Modular :: as they descend / source :: moov
10. OCP :: atmos three / source :: serein
11. Edgeist :: magnesium / source :: abdicate cell
12. Ohrchitekt :: naschwerk / source :: pharmacom
13. El Senor Ciuf Ciuf :: two more rows / source :: 12rec

selection by thierry massard, mixed by Sven Swift - fevrier 2007

thanks to all artists, labels and thank you to thirteensongs

Format :: digital
Location :: thirteensongs