Various Artists :: pathmusick visits kreislauf

10 is the reference of this meeting of Kreislauf (our host) with Pathmusick, a very welcome visitor.
09 are the identity guests of the master of ceremony, Alex Cortex.
08 is surely a "night-time epitome" but it also could be a time passes, media noche.
07 as a laconic echo number of a distant voice, Stefan Eichinger (lopazz) have a melancholic thought for that whom we suppose Elisabetha being, and always this laconic voice haunting dehumanized corridors, loneliness?
06 as an inverted circular water movement for Seis Tormentas.
05 or was it 2 bad cop mostly disorientated.
04 is a short intermede, where the satyre is charming an innocent victim … a story to follow.
03 as a decentralized nerve movement.
02 ? please more than 2, of these so flexible harmonic tunes.
Number one is surely another track, but i'm not a number, i am a freeeee man …

Format :: digital
Location :: kreislauf label