Max Marlow :: skyland

First is this good surprise and nice gift … when you will have click on the link under these words,
these are the steps of an urban nomad and night bird walk of a solitary berliner, king for a day and undoubtedly one of the important live theoretician workers of the becoming netscene.
we are not yet at the end of enchantments.
Once passed, some perfectible manipulations, stays the echoes of the broken mirror ( "…sometimes he saw his real face, and sometimes a stranger at his place…" said the robots in the past) - But, already these reflections give up the place, or rather deviate with prudence in front of the road roller and the unrestrained race of the hustler, reduced to a furtive shadow.
"the pirate rebellion of skyland" does not slacken the pressure, quite the contrary, poking and ceaselessly on the wire of a circular groove, rolled-iron by an inalterable bass line.
And finally, what about "walaskjalf" ?
Well, are you talking of this gigantic track, which will make us remember for a very long time this :: skyland ?
i suppose, yes …

Format :: digital
Location :: m02v