Aplink :: galatea galante / four hour fugue

Sound archivists are never mistaken !
They will tell you, "drone", or maybe, a bit more evasive, "ambient", and then, classify the file.
That seems so evident, 2 tracks whose origin appears at the very least unknown, and the artist not less : Aplink - Galatea Galante / Four Hour Fugue.
Then why the magic takes place at this point?
Why thus this elegant minimalism does inspire you superlative
and no selected enthusiasms ?
Ask the question to sound archivists, and just enjoy their embarrassed silence …

Format :: digital
Location :: kikapu

Sieve :: vacuum - assisted

hall of dark mirrors ? you should take care of the stolid surface.
Feel the Beautiful but permanent "vacuum" atmospheres,
enjoy the helpful presence of rhythm,
but never wait for any keys from Sieve, you are alone,
alone in front of a cold and dark mirror,
alone with the echo of yourself.

Format :: digital
Location :: Kikapu
(thanks to Ralf Hutter & Florian Schneider)

Daniel Maze :: elementary EP

Far from the "Treehugger ep" for 12rec.net, (including the brilliant track 'Manhattan'), here is an "elementary" and acceptable ambient release from the canadian Daniel Maze, for the russian electronic netlabel, Top 40.
Based on rough recordings, this "ready sounds" added with uninspired loops (as followed the "ready made" Marcel Duchamp concept) has finally the "elegance" to be rather short (17 minutes 30)

Location :: Top 40

Keisuke Sudo :: out ability

Is it so "out ability" to go beyond appearances ? Keisuke Sudo invites to think about, for 6 tracks combining drastic experiments to harmony. Sudo is playing a game on intensive rythm and there is no alternative.
"out ability" is a not a peaceful compromise between genres,
"out ability" is a dangerous hybridation.
No alternative !

Location :: panospria

Magnetic Jihad :: bluebeard

"bluebeard" is Rough,
"bluebeard" is noisy,
"bluebeard" is industrial but finally …
"bluebeard" is classic, a successful classic industrial single !
i'm not sure the people of the band will appreciate the compliment, as they seem to work hard to provocate, especially with their punch presentation, their name, without forgetting the associated "bluebeard" track - a magnetic sense of humour (black) -
two classic tracks for a promising first album to come …

Format :: digital
Location :: archive.org
Location :: Lucha Libre Recordings

Irish :: the pretty album

A little more than one year after the brilliant "Understandings" and its very addictive track 'coma and pray', here it is the new and "pretty" release of Irish (aka Irie Yoshihisa) for the very advised netlabel TestTube -
"The pretty album", 4 pieces of childhood's reminiscence, of dreamed nostalgia, but also, and sometimes of broken toys.
'the man of dead letters' which opens the album, offers us the fragmented voice of Mississippi Sunburst on an improbable melody and a delicate building which seems quite fragile, but does not collapse.
Then, Irish invites us to leave for a rave on the Eboshi Mount, erratic and distant of last rejoicings or to come? temptation is strong to succumb to this groove spectral, but reserve is too large. The building, again, seems close to tremble.
From more traditional scheme is "Theme of Emi" which gives us to appreciate the voice of Tsurutin, whispering some soft and secret recommendations.
The album ends on, which certainly, will become one of the track the most … addictive of this spring 2006 : 'Curtain call for the man', and please take attention, cause Irish is intended there to ignite the old stories and to project them with ease with our appreciation, such an unforgettable savour impossible to circumvent.

Format :: digital
Location :: Test Tube
Blog :: Irish

Xedh :: sort:zen

under calms apparent, EED steels the blade ... Best illustration of the general orientation of the label, this release of Xedh is practicing the "deconstructive sound buildings" as an art. An interesting alternative confrontation and a transgenic success

Format :: digital
Location :: +Expanding Electronic Diversity

Transient :: sounds from my pocket

In preparation for springtime, Carl Martin have decided to be light and all occurs in its pocket ... made as traditional for Noisy Vagabond concept on his Palm OS using Bhajis Loops in chocolate, Transient have signed a pretty nice window of delicacies. even if certain candies have sometimes a small taste of melancholy ( shenmue, p2ssiun ) we will certainly not deprive of the pleasure of tightening the hand towards them - thank you Transient

Format :: digital
Location :: Noisy Vagabond Recordings

El Senor Ciuf Ciuf :: as seen from above

"this springtime will be catchy" the great dada meteorologist, El senor Oliviero Farneti is formal, and don't try to resist to "i feel like a clean blackboard" which opens this eclectic view from above, you will only precipitate yourself on a soft fall in some ravelling colored and sometimes sour landscapes, illustrated by the talented Joey Weiser - ispirato!

Format :: digital / cdr
Location :: 12.rec.net

Bacanal Intruder :: modem

Luis García-Pumarino belongs to precious artists. Touch-with-all, and possibly registered in the very private and worthy filiation of visionary people such as the flying lizard David Cunningham ... Far from any traditional standards and reduced category, Bacanal Intruder awakes us to hidden curious good feelings and he plays with it.
Such as a conjurer, Luis is a child able to place in levitation some infinite melody drops that are necessary for you to assemble and combine with your own way on perception of music and the result is this "Modem ep", all made of fresh air, jumping "pulgas" and catchy "pedalillas" … "modem" is a good and warm remedy for the slow inertia of things and that is a reason to thank Zymogen, "grazie" for this nice gift.

Format :: digital
Location :: Zymogen

So Inagawa :: nagoya gunshop ep

minihouse or minitech, as you want ... but want it !
the 5 models (see tracklist) of this EP, are there to make us get up ! ... and they succeed easily.

Format :: digital
Location :: unfoundsoundrecords