v/a :: summer lights

A clear blue immaculate sky, no clouds around, maybe just a very minimal wind, which gives a sweet impression of movement on leaves in the trees, no more rebel sounds than this marrowy succession of 12 pieces of concentrated talent - oh, there is sometimes a surprise, just to give a little spice in this sweet harmony, but don't count on me to tell about, just have a look on the guest list - the people of EKO are really lucky and a bit lazy, it is not too difficult to success this first compilation, it is the inexhaustible advantage of people who have good taste.

Format :: digital
Location :: eko

v/a :: movin on

Claudia Bonarelli, .at/on, The Suffragettes, Pero, Shalma-, Salmon, Muffrare, Masaya Sasaki, Goem|fdw, Motor, g_n44f, Lod, Jos Smolders and Andrey Kiritchenko have a common center of interest these days, they are all movin' on this second compilation of Minusn. A pretty and good idea of the label, which gives us to listen to some impatiently waiting artists ( Lod, Kiritchenko, Sasaki…) and discovering some others new collaborations , as "avant-première" (the mysterious Claudia Bonarelli who have a nice trumpet, or the coming "The Suffragettes" with So Inagawa who recently had made us get up with his :: nagoya gun shop ep.
:: movin on is an epiphenomenon of the Minusn gravitation.

Format :: digital
Location :: minusn

Breaks The Blank Day :: s/t

No way summer consumerists citizen tourists !
Breaks The Blank Day is ... "Inspired by rainy days and empty streets"

Format :: digital
Location :: kikapu
Website :: Breaks The Blank Day

Multilink magazine :: issue 02/06

attention, i'm fan ... Far from me, the intention to "detail" the synopsis of this new edition of the splendid MultiLink magazine, not more leading autopsy. It is simply sometimes irrepressible desires of sharing, shares fugacious impressions around the simple report in front of an authentic work of goldsmiths - Multilink multiplies all the talents, edito - subjects - design... one regrets simply the fatal moment where we discover the fourth of cover - precipitate !

Format :: pdf magazine
Location :: Multilink

Plosive :: one remixes

Exacerbated talent, solarized lighting, Plosive (aka Aaron McCammon) gives an immediate and irrepressible desire of remixing things and others, we really should liked to be the lucky ones, Recue, Bad Loop, Emil Klotzsch, iua, Paranerd, Partikel or Jack Haberfield, in hands of such a true revealing of sound asperity zones - Filled of traps for whoever not having an authentically creative intention, the short trackslist of :: one remixes is certainly not the most easy style exercice, but Aaron proves, he has a secret knowledge, or is it a … magic wand, yes, Plosive has a magic wand.

Format :: digital
Location :: one
Website :: Plosive

Sascha Muller :: system 100

Are you ready ? are you ready for an avaibility experience.
Sascha Muller is a quite demanding boy, who obliges with... the vacuity of the spirit and body.
:: system 100 is a backward movement, a physical distance, a place where words are easily becoming whispers.
A quiet zone ? not that sure, certain quiet approaches are sometimes very heavy direction and tumults.
:: system 100 is definitely not a silent release, introspective ? no more, intro-perspective.

Format :: digital
Location :: top 40
Website :: Sascha Muller / Pharmacom

Martin Schulte :: underwater ep

A few weeks after the Mono ep, for green rat records,
over or currently under, Martin Schulte is a very prolific guy.
Once again, take care of appearances there, as you are not on the beach,
wearing a flowered bathing suit, looking at … bikinis, with an ice cream in a hand.
MS is celebrating summer not very far from deep seas,
meeting some dark ghostly pace submarines.
Deeper and deeper in :: underwater ep,
you need nitrogen to discover this under...world,
its fauna, its flora, its beauty, and its particular sound universe.

Format :: digital
Location :: tropic netlabel
Website :: Martin Schulte

The Green Kingdom :: lucky bamboo

There is NOTHING, nothing to say on this :: lucky bamboo of The Green Kingdom, nothing more to say when you are just with the perfect companion.
:: lucky bamboo is a perfect companion.

Thank you, Mister Cottone, you are a lucky bamboo, too.

Format :: digital
Location :: eko
Website :: The Green Kingdom

PolarProject :: urban nomad

Preamble : Behind these words, is hidden an object of attention and desire, one of those which can revealed true difficulties to restrain any objectivity … that "urban nomad" is made of those mysterious and modern behavioral figures, see periscopic glance on the world, see reaction to skin contact with the skaï covering a public transport's seat, see human rhythm clones on the machine, or see attitudes and codes of recognition in town medium ...
a contemporan confrontation is the major theme of :: urban nomad, a clinical observation on personal experience, feelings or sensations to the city ( and citizens ), a city where sometimes you can 'just disappear' …

Format :: digital
Location :: filament > archive.org
Website :: PolarProject

DAF :: toy story

:: toy story is opening, and closing, on a fluid gem.

Format :: digital
Location :: Laverna