Takeshi Nakamura :: compudelic

In not more than a year, and 6 major releases, Takeshi Nakamura became a very important actor of the electro (glitch) scene. The possible highlight was probably "ordinary days" for zymogen netlab on late january, followed by the springtime "easy listening" that the home reviewer, in a fever access, had possibly critically dispatched a little too … hastily. Then I was impatiently waited the moment or finally I could again say all it although I think of this very great artist - this time now came with :: compudelic.
Opening with "new world disorder" and its fragmentated vocabulary, dig worthy of a Gysin dream machine in full sensory divagation. you can be certain that we approach some "exra-ordinary" shores. Then, if sometimes the writing becomes rougher (entrance) it is to better prepare the brilliant "compudelic" track in which Takeshi plays with sounscapes and images of those old kitsch visions of the antic computer age (pre-atari version). Take care about the man cause he has a great sense of humour (remember :: easy listening) and “dub” does not make it lie. "tone-deafness remix" is the perfect prolongation right before starting another top of the release "neurosis". This autumn will probably be influenced by the splendid Nakamura's abstract architectures such as this "am 4:30" which ends this sixth production of the musician and makes us, from now, on await more impatiently the continuation … we will not wait for long, be sure of that.

Format :: digital
Location :: play-code
Website :: Takeshi Nakamura

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Takeshi Nakamura :: inferior articles
Format :: digital
Location :: digitalbiotope

Vitalis Popoff :: didaskalion tou hypnou

Such a prelude to the numbness of our senses - this new release of (great) web activist, Vitalis Popoff, recalls us with the greedy pleasure of these “classic” tech-dub productions, with a "nonchalante" unconcern, dissimulating a rare intensity. 7 perfect gems.

Format :: digital
Location :: no-response
Website :: Vitalis Popoff

Anton Cherkasov aka Holden :: the questionnaire

* Этот портрет основан на первоначально "вопроснике Marcel Proust", созданном Антоинетте Фауре вокруг 1890

Heezen :: secret speech

What splendid days ! ... Beautiful netaudios succeed to other, and non less, beautiful netaudios and it must be said, it is quite delicate to follow this infernal movement. Then, after such a great party, the hangover will be brutal, one day or another. Anyway, as said somewhere Miss County "tomorrow is another day" …

Who are those :: secret speech, all made of particles of souvenirs, extracted from the memory of Raül Fuentes, or was it from old vinyl treasures. A few guitar tunes, a reminiscence of Willian Klein iconography or Jean Seberg selling the “New York herald tribune” on the Champs Elysées, a limpid writing. These secrets are all made of magic. what splendid days !

Format :: cd / digital
Location :: 12rec.
Website :: Heezen

Madame Cell :: madame cell

:: madame cell is the result of the intensive and grubbing work of ig.
the accomplices are (in order of appearance in your orl system) ::
Mónica De Nut - Fernando Abreu- Alvaro Iglesias
:: madame cell is the result of improvisations - sound collisions and slides …
:: madame cell is a pretty woman
:: madame cell is all made of talent but in 7 distinctive parts and it is sometimes difficult to have a general point of view on this protean beauty. The beautiful "intermezzo" of :: madame cell have been all made with a piano and it is a beautiful intermezzo. As i am in, i do not understand a word of the presentation text of the release, and i should like to have the translation of these words but as always, i do not want to use those silly surrealistic translator machines.

the "fuga a 2 voce" of :: madame cell is absolutely "impressive" … but i also have to take care on my impressive use of this word, these days. "praeludium en mi" would easily transformed you as an agreeing victim of a mantis reliogosa.
In :: madame cell, after the "mi" is the "re", and it is a pretty good news for all those who prefer short cuts to musical theory - the only problem in that this "praeludium in re" is closing an "a emocion sempre residual" and i agree because i think it means ... essential.

Format :: digital
Location :: alg-a

Coldicus :: easy love - hard feel

Of course, this review could look like this :: "Following the may single release :: minimal [no] horowo for otium netlab, :: easy love - hard feel confirms all it although we thought of Ilya Mamochkin. Amateur of atmospheres where the deep immersions dominate, the man of Murmansk is an usual and amateur of beautiful work" … but, after a quick search on google, looking for impressions on colors, skies, walls … of the city, appears this photo taken through a car window of a man alone, in a Murmansk street covered with white and dirty snow ( photo ) the picture is ironically intitled "a russian graffiti" in reason of a soviet-realism prop painting on the wall of a building …nothing on the quiet gravity on the face of the man who seems to just have a walk, indifferent to the matter of the photographer (who is probably in search of a hypothetical sense of humour). Coldicus is doing the same with his music, gravity, quiet and deep feelings, a taste of humanity solidified by the cold nature of things. In that way, the works of Ilya are so deeply modern and impressed of a true and rare elegance. Then remains that general impression of conceptual sadness even after a delicate "caress", or is it what the french symbolists poets of the end of the 19th century (Charles Baudelaire) called "spleen" and on particular item like "everything's (no) ok", the message is clear. "whatever" which follows seems to propose a way, a way on vacuity, luxury, Coldicus is apparently a dandiysm adept. This beautiful netaudio is closing on "man in fridays" and "sms" majorly on a downtempo electronica approach, but no way on some genre terms, Coldicus is singular and we sometimes should like to have a walk in Murmansk streets with him.

Format :: digital
Location :: hw homework

V and R :: minimal [no] horowo

Kenji Siratori :: the questionnaire

* This portrait is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Eric Delay :: finding neverland

"The girl with the pearl and the turban" still keeps his precious secret … through a cold fog, Eric Delay is in search of James M. Barrie imaginary country. It is certain that with a single of this quality, he could find it, who knows ...

Format :: digital
Location :: audio 808
Website :: Eric Delay

Alexandre Navarro :: the questionnaire

* This portrait is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890

Alkor :: describe your nature ep

As an authentic epicurean, who wants to hide his pleasure ? the synthetic candy amateurs, that we are, will regale themselves, "describe your nature" is a window of softnesses - deep basses, eliptic loops, cinemascope soundscapes, perfect harmonies on impulsive rhythmics, Alkor is not sparing, in those dark times of austere rigour and serious faces, never the word "enjoy" have been so magically spendthrift and useful, dziękuję Alkor … En-joy !

Format :: digital
Location :: kahvi
Location :: archive

Alexandre Navarro :: dimension

Please say it all to me

What is the magnitude of an air sight ? do we have to give up with the pleasure of a travel vision ?
With :: dimension, Alexandre Navarro is offering a beautiful invitation to explore the projection of the space between things, people and thoughts - a delicate pop perfume comes to support the lightness of the matter, this release is the one of a traveller attentive to his environment - mobile or motionless, at last it doesn't matter, as only counts the art of travelling in another ...

Format :: digital
Location :: standard klik music

Baba Llaga :: el ultimo viaje de vasilissa

Impressive … ''el amor del insectos''
Impressive … "cuarto milenio"
Impressive … "omen"
Impressive … "documento clinico"
Impressive … "la axacra de llano"
Impressive … "television fantasma"
Impressive … "dama del ocaso"
Impressive …
Impressive … are first those enthralling little "insectos" which surreptitiously involve enter bodies through auditory canal and mark durably your cortex - Impressive is the echo of the fourth millenium in a human breathe - impressive is "omen" as a moving and atmospheric opacity suddenly returned to our tangible reality - impressive is "documento clinico" this gloved latex hand, opening a heavy file of secrecies, do you feel the glance of that whom scans you professionally - impressive is "laxacra de llano" like an electric cable transferring on standby electric shock - "television fantasma" will no longer give any rest as impressive are the flux of questions on the real contain behind the screen - Then does "dama del ocaso", which ends this release, like a Burroughs cut-up attack on a lyrical sanctuary revealing a white noise heart is impressive ? Yes it is.

:: el ultimo viaje de vasilissa is the first release of Baba Llaga - Raul Dominguez (Armadillo Concreto), Miguel A. García (Xedh, Valvula Antirretorno), Daniel Llaria (Bujero) & Itziar Markiegi (Teta FX), "100% improvised … focused more on the texture and evocation than on the impact and perversion of different forms of music - no intentions and no pretentions.”

just … impressive

Format :: digital
Location :: mahorka
thanks to Sergi at bleepwatch
V and R :: Xedh :: sort:zen

Pedro Leitão :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Petr Drkula :: shades of indian summer

"Composition Shades of Indian Summer is dedicated to my wife. It's something like memory of time when we have met each other. Plain themes returning periodically in small harmonic variations make a characteristic reminiscent touch." Says Petr Drkula and he is a far-sighted lover and an artist as clear-sighted as these :: shades of indian summer are so mostly addictive, that it is probably necessary to prepare the future listener you actually are. Take care with the modern charm of this magician. after 21 minutes 29 of such a harmonic fluidity treatment can we still imagine that a piano may be abused. Petr is indeed a frightening magician proposing to share some impressions of past but especially far from these sedative nostalgias evoked whereas we are comfortably installed in an armchair - This indian summer is beautiful, intensely contemporary and perfectly ... alive - Take care

Format :: digital
Location :: protoplazma
Website :: Petr Drkula

Rob Lynam :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

.at/on :: v 2.02

is .anton holota still an investigator of formal minimalism ? or is he, as the hero of the famous 1957 Jack Arnold's movie "The Incredible Shrinking Man" about to discover an attractive world behind the visible matter.
microscopic maximalism ? dancer lost in huge nanotechnology landscape ?
release after release, .at/on seems to have in heart to reintroduce quite beautiful harmonies (untitled 02) where one could imagine some and icy distance.
admittedly technological, the result is not less than one attractive beauty. Is .at/on first nano-poet ?

Location :: telescope
Website :: .at/on
V and R :: .at/on :: prostir

Kenji Siratori - ocp - t3tsuo :: gene tv

close encounters of the third kind ?

never - never the genre terms : noise and spoken words, have been looking so …. Perfectly Ridiculous and perfectly unsignifiant. do we need a target for pissing ?

1 is the writer :: Kenji Siratori
2 is the musician :: ocp
3 is the musician :: t3tsuo.

and then, the encounters …

"artificial insemination"
tubular auto reverse laconic voice on semi-parazited cryptic sound - and likely to scramble the waves for ocp, sweeping beams an indefinite screen and quite as crypto-organic search of signal for t3tsuo. Chemical organization, and always this laconic descriptive and so lyrical voice. (cups, domes) will allow to prolong the contact.

"gene tv"
still in this scrambling (brouillage) and satured evp's (electronic voices phenomenas) ocp gives us the first sound score of a crawling tv program (…terrorists … communication …) then t3tsuo, in a disconcerting (and "traditional"…) attitude, punctuates the litany of the presenter, trunk-man, TV-humanoïd ? confrontation with these two versions appears quite charismatic

Finally "neo drug(s)ismo" through ocp, brings us all the “comfort” and the “quietude” of the chemical lures, whereas t3tsuo involves us in a neuro wadding carapace.

This experiment is to be missed under any pretext.
Mimi Records, there, have signed one of the most inspired hybrid project since a very long time.
You now can hardly switch on your gene tv …
end of transmission

"Language is a virus from outer space..." - William S Burroughs

Location :: mimi records

Letna :: white city

In some Distant and precious echoes, the guitar of Sasa Vojvodic, is coming back in the :: white city -
is the white from snow ? from sun ? from bright sky before a rainy day ? difficult to answer - Oh, it is not therefore, a deserted and arid place, just a quiet place where sometimes we can hear people speak and children to have fun in laughter.
Slow motion, here everything seems to be in distance, inaccessible and yet so real.
The :: white city is certainly real, but it remains to define which reality.
Welcome !

Format :: digital
Location :: eko

Martin Schulte + Eric Delay :: remixes

The best ideas are usually the most simple one's … Martin Schulte and Eric Delay have understood this, as they have decided to remix each other for then producing the most interesting ambient single of this re-entry.
The Shukhov tower is now dubitative, is Nizhny Novgorod the epicentre of the ambient phenomenon ? A long time ago that everyone at Green Rat doesn't no longer ask the question … they are right.

Format :: digital
Location :: green rat records
Website :: Martin Schulte
Website :: Eric Delay