.at/on :: prostir

The roughness adepts, granular mixtures will regale themselves, invited to a jamming coded with perfume of hermetism. Gorged with evp, interferences, voluntary sound accidents, surgical turns crypto-disco music (X) … But :: Prostir (dimension in Ukrainian) is before an ep whose the matter is political, drawing our attention to the unbalances economic resources of the rich countries face to the Third World and “astonishing” the socio-economic blindness of G8. :: Prostir is there indeed synonymous of size, put in perspective for elements met that and resulting from our daily technological, that it is click' cuts, minimal or even glitch, [.at/on] brings us has to appreciate spectral rhythmics ones but ultra stimulative (y), so much so that one is surprised to accompany this rhythm by a swaying walk which would not betray the call of a post dancefloor temptation (sic…). We will not insist on the mystery maintained which surrounds patronym of [.at/on] originating from Kiev and author in addition of netaudios for Plex, 20kbps records, Nishi or Cifrarec.project. :: prostir is a very impressive project due once still, by Minusn, which makes the demonstration of sound as much high degree of musical quality as of its artistic requirement. They are thanked for it.

Format :: digital
Location :: minusn
Website :: .at/on

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