Takeshi Nakamura :: easy listening

In the continuity of :: ordinary days done at the beginning of year,
also at zymogen, the very productive Takeshi Nakamura invites us, not
without derision, to 31 minutes of :: easy listening declined in 6
"Wonderful" which opens this new opus, sorrow slightly to be
convinced in front of such an eminent predecessor such as "voices" on::
ordinary days. The first true success of this EP awaits us with the
second track, "I sink", intense swarming and laconic voice on an
acknowledgement of impotence monocorde. "cloud" invites us to an
abstraction enriched with the cut-up by the best effect. "defeat"
delivers some secrecies that thanks to an abandonment to variable
amplitude, not very convincing. "particle", innovative, probable
interlude enough not a certain disinterest of its creator, whom one
hopes for momentary finally the release is closed again on "sundial"
built on the concept of a progressive covering. Wasn't that "easy
listening" superfluous? perhaps, an error, altogether, without
consequence …

Format :: digital
Location :: zymogen
Website :: Takeshi Nakamura

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naritaRUC a dit…

I like Takeshi Nakamura a lot. Listen also Takeshi Nakamura - My Musical Shame for MiMi Records netlabel its a very interesting release.

Link here: www.clubotaku.org/mimi/uk/album49.php