The Great Mundane :: duality ep

Do you want to be in a movie whose original score would be signed by this great mundane , Jeffrey Acciaioli ?
Here is the pitch - After a brilliant introduction (skip), or was it a fast announcement teaser, here are you now physically immersed in a mysterious and intriguant situation (disguising discomfort), maybe a running quest for suspended time. "No dumping in Jersey" jazzy tempo, great classicism in construction and always this undeniable talent of cinematic sound projectionism.
It is hardly if one distinguishes this "gallop" which looks more to heavy beat with that delicate tune of western guitar than we already set out again towards a "collecting rain", which does not have time to wet us, just a touch.
Return to an apparent calm, orientalish funky groove for those "bombs 2 buisness", that the curtain is already being closed again on "touching the past", inspired melancholic counting rhyme disappearing in a distant sound… or was it landscape . This film is definitely too short, The Great Mundane is a man in a hurry, we ask some more.

Format :: digital
Location :: belladonna records
Infos :: The Great Mundane

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