ocp :: atmos

Huw Roberts must have two great reasons to be glad, he just finishes the year 2006 with great news,
first is a brand new serein website and the second one is a great release from João Ricardo declining 5 beautiful and conceptual pieces under the title :: atmos.
Formal minimalism is required ... elegance also

Format :: digital
Location :: serein
Website :: ocp
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Steve Reich :: piano phase (performed by Peter Aidu)

Between pretty boredom and floating time virtuosity, what about a quite innocent espieglery ? Let's just imagine the intervention of a John Cage at his best, practising a surprised intervention in order to “prepared” the pianos… interesting speculative fiction, but improbable meeting, a pity ?

Then, far from a formal prime impression, remains a pure mechanical emotion, an evidence.

Format :: digital
Location :: top 40

MarceXL :: second mix (episode II)

in fact, all is question of intensity.
The progressive house of MarceXL is often ... deeply intense

Format :: digital
Location :: kreislauf label
Website :: Mxl by MarceXL

Max Marlow :: afterthought

Happy latecomers! thus, for all those who will have unfortunately missed some preceding episodes, this:: afterthought of Max Marlow is a true godsend and an excellent way of assessing all the quality of the Berliner with the cap - this compilation covering various projects (retropublik, project 168…) can only charm the amateurs of a demanding particular electronic and as much intelligent - a true happiness for the ears and an authentic compliment for the mind.

Format :: digital / compact disc
Location :: watmm records
Blog :: Max Marlow
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Robin Rimbaud :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

ijo :: untitled ep

This short ::untitled ep of ijo will, for sure, be the happiness of all exclusive drill'n bass addicts.
The others will probably change their opinion on, and It might be "Frequa Gembh" which closes the ep, one of the reasons of this beneficient change of mind ...

Format :: digital
Location :: plainaudio

Multilink magazine :: issue 04/06

contents ::
Ian Francis / Miasmah / Cactus Island / Rachel Whiting / Rup / Zenvironments ...
inescapable ? yes.

Format :: pdf magazine
Location :: Multilink

the questionnaire :: Rob Lynam
v and r :: issue 02/06

QB :: abstract works

useless to tergiversate… is it sincerely useful to try the explanation of a game (Manichean) confronting a reality concrete, but schematic, with an abstraction (certainly less… concrete) but sometimes more authentic ?

Following the excellent ep ::cycle of the nonless excellent moscovite musician, Qb, these ::abstract works reveal an interesting and pertinent hybridation from harsch noise and voices, to unidentified post-bleep rhythm without forgetting a true, but very underground harmonic temptation.

These are certainly abstract works, but they have also this intensified brightness of gems and abdicate cell netlabel seems to be the perfect jewel case.

Format :: digital
Location :: abdicate cell

Olivier Umhauer :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Max Marlow :: half a year

4th release of the meticulous new label of the highly webactive galaxy :: kreislauf, those 6 months, are those of an artist without self-satisfaction. Max Marlow never gives alternative to the tracks, and once again, the general tone is on a very great rigour and high behaviour. Precise writing and an incredible sense of the negligible detail, are giving to this downbeat-ambient (as you want) release a "presence", a presence of those we usually meet in some mixed layers of time and reality.

Format :: digital
Location :: kreislauf label
Blog :: Max Marlow

Nikòlaos Yanakis :: ikaro prelude

Brief, concise, frugal, succinct, the three tracks of the :: ikaro prelude,
(first?) release of Nikolaos Yanakis, do not give Less than, the best.
This compliment is worth also for the helvetica label combi records (combination).

succinct ?

Format :: digital
Location :: combi records
Archive Location :: here

PolarProject :: no name lp

Mobile soundscapes for neuronal dancefloor ? Faithful to his initial concept of representation and/or confrontation of mental images to (a modern) environment, :: no name marks an undoubted evolution in Juergen Rieger's work, as a complete hybridation on suggestion, concrete body talking (reflections - afternoon) as well as this very private investigation and sometimes curious dialogue between the semiconductors and brain cells (mad about) without forgetting the two splendid sinuous ways (it is - fearless). The release is closing on "jagged" … and that's precisely our state of mind after such a treatment.
PolarProject confirms, he is an incontestable non-motionless artist,
still certainly with "no name" but not for a long time.

Format :: digital
Location :: decisive sound records
Website :: PolarProject
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the questionnaire :: Juergen Rieger

various artists :: sutemos live ep

01. Monolake :: bicom
02. SCSI-9 :: the end
03. Sleepy Town Manufacture :: so twenty one
04. Yagya :: a thousand words

here are 4 good reasons to say "nice gift !"
Danke schön - Spacibo x2 - Mòran taing ... sutemos

Format :: digital
Location :: sutemos

Daniel Maze :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Xedh :: rencloser ep

Release after release, easily, Miguel Ángel García confirms…
Xedh confirms by planting an enormous (rusted) nail in the allegedly apocalyptic landscape of the modern industry of sounds assembly.
Heir of a certain oldschool tradition (and not least) , the man of Bilbao dismantles some musical commonplaces for better building a singular work which takes all his actual relevance -
disturbed (phil)harmonic (zelenoe) , lyric but bruitist (katarakt) and even chorus disruptive (rencloser) , once again with this netaudio, Xedh builds, with talent, an important work.
Somewhere, beyond the Pyrenees, someone is becoming a great figure of music.

Format :: digital
Location :: picomedia
Website :: Xedh

v and r :: Xedh - sort:zen
v and r :: Baba Llaga - el ultimo viaje de vasilissa

Phoenelai :: the findings

les résultats ? i must say, I don't like it …
I don't like that title … :: the findings wear an awful french translation name :: les résultats, a generic word which means someting like " what arrives, which occurs after and like effect of something …" so i'll better try to keep the original title name as its particular meaning of something that you discover through or after a specific personal progression (or not)
:: the findings of Phoenelai is a very discreet release, but take care, bewitchment is immediate (the findings) our curiosity is abused by micro-confusions (passage) of some distant imaginery soundscape.
with track like "derived" :: the findings is troublemaking, or are we in some frank attempt to put forward the infinitesimal, rubbish sound particules and satellites of pure perception which have finally found some great reason to believe on their own existence, "flux rtrns" confirms the investigation.
short breath and micro-bleeps on textura layer (grains1), Phoenelai closes the release in the most relevant way :: switch off !
ps :: i have forgotten one important thing , since first listening, i am irremediably addicted to that track "getnik2"
once again ?

Format :: digital
Location :: sonic squirrel
Website :: Phoenelai

Juergen Rieger (PolarProject) :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Edgeist :: Landmass

After a first and promising ep, called "spiral", for picomedia netlab,
Edgeist, a very kind boy, is bringing us a new basket of delicacies,
4 deliciously industrial sweets and 3 dark ambient softnesses for our great … sense of well-being.
7 essential pieces to your the best modern comfort ::
"crack (one)" announces some serious architectural modification of our environment
"shore" is very clearly accelerate the movement general of some cellular geography (brilliant)
"crack (two)" invites to note the result of neuronal modifications through a gas mask, not approved.
"plate" pushes us on a particularly sound slope slipping and with the many noisy asperities.
"magnesium", inaugurating the ambient serie of tracks in “ium”, is hypnotic and without illusion - crepuscular and inspired.
“aluminium” starts a hammering without real hope but inspired as much than its predecessor
“sodium” finally, impresses of a spectral harmony, closes a brilliant demonstration of an accomplished talent.

Landmass - ideal for your house

Format :: digital
Location :: adbicate cell
Website :: Edgeist

Red Hot Wok :: phnom penh pimps

crossing the greyness, the pouring rain and the closed faces …
3 technoid ufos from Cambodia
3 maximal accelerations with bright whiteness

transgenic and essential !

Format :: digital
Location :: quiet lounge

lacunas, autumnal overviews and ...

Ceptual :: shifts personal
Format :: digital
Location :: miasmah
Grazie Luca

ZooGoo :: zoogoo
Format :: digital
Location :: you are not stealing records
Grazie Filippo

... silent reviews

GQBN :: hydrophobic strings

optimal effect !
QGBN is a baroque - steroid positive - ensemble, particularly well defended by the researcher heads of Mimi records.
Apparently lipophilic, these "strings" are however, likely to cause an enthusiasm enough … permeable.

Format :: digital
Location :: mimi records

Funkzelle :: day day ep

Funkzelle have unstoppable argumentation and sincerly i should like to have some instructions … i want instructions to resist to a tracks like "complex" which opens this second release of ccrec recent label.
i want some great advices (or meds?) to resist to the sound tyranny of "day day" which closes the release.
And between these, "friends" doesn't refute our growing interest and finally, only "lunatic" has some difficulty to keep its moon commitments - just wait for another day-daybreak

Format :: digital
Location :: clear-cut-records

SM :: artificials horizons

The :: artificials horizons of SM are finally not so ... distant - a release to discover in the half-light of a november ending afternoon.
A nice classical timeless writing, with many qualities (sanskrit)
:: artificial horizons are just waiting for benevolent ears and some precious mental vacuity, a luxury ?

Format :: digital
Location :: electrosound

Cut Fire Wood :: can here mushrooms grow

an idm-electronica without complex and fixedly looking at cathartic and gloomy reminiscences.
That inspired ep would almost gives desire to have a walk in the woods, at falling night.

Format :: digital
Location :: hw homework

Robert Henke :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

ocp :: safe sex, some drugs and no rock'n'roll

passed the little cynical pastiche, this ep of João Ricardo is a real successfully fine combination of four engraved tracks. The technoid charm is continuous and residual, surely … all my brain and body need.

Format :: digital
Location :: plastic4records - archive
Website :: ocp
Blog :: ocp

Siegmar Fricke :: medical soundscapes

If you have dreamed, for years, of 'Fantastic Voyage', the 1966 Richard Fleischer's cult movie.
Your dream now comes true.
take care, oldness has only a time ...

Format :: digital
Location :: subsource

Loscil :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Daniel Maze :: avatar

we dream of such avatars… flexible (statik gras flok)
we dream of evolutive drones (avatar)
we, so easily, fall in love (one the farm) that we should almost doubt about our fidelity
we appreciate the air distance (flamingo will mantra) and their traditional ambient layers
and finally, we regret not having observed it publicly (acid test)
or maybe was it an illusion ? an … avatar ?

Format :: digital
Location :: rest-label
Website :: Daniel Maze

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Rich.vom.Dorf. :: i hate the tv (ep)

1) watching television everyday, switching on an feeling ok …
2) i don't understand why i should pay a fee for something that i hate and don't want to see …
3) zapping around up and down …
the message is perfectly clear and the demonstration is pure limpidity, Rich.vom.Dorf invits to think about.
free will makes sense.

Format :: digital
Location :: inoquo
Website :: Rich.vom.Dorf

Esbende Washlavok :: #00

After having taken some objective distances with a netlabel which have great difficulties to accept any critic on some hypothetic and unconsequent recent release, it is good to note an only one artistic choice as relevant as this very interesting 46 minutes and 46 seconds track. Simply entitled #00, this one piece of the musician, Esbende Washlovak, gives again an obvious coherence to EED, which apparently likes to frighten itself …

Produced with opened windows on the street, #00 seems nourished with a sort of abyssal consciousness of the ordinary life, an impressive setting in prospect for the daily reality - #00 is also an experiment which can appear as trauma and then, wake up some internally interrogations, some unexplored visions to our direct report at our environment - as much to say that we are, there, far enough from a simple stage setting of an "ordinary" recording field - inspired !

Format :: digital
Location :: eed

cHristian negre i walczak (aka applejux - applezup) :: the questionnaire

::the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Fuga Idearum :: fugacities

Vladislav Petrov (fuga idearum) from Saint Petersburg is rich !
This guy should deserved that we kidnap his so beautiful mind against an astronomical ransom …
from the terribly addictive "eskiz pustoy sezny", from the ethno-cyclic echo of "preodolenie preodolenija", from the fine expressionnist "son s otkritoy dverju", the close disconcerting presence of "Konez Igry" journey, the quite personal mottos and tunes of "epigraph", the conclusive interlude of "Sluchai V Sadu", and then finally, "pustoy vecher" full of these remote reminiscences of a dreamed koto.
So much life 'fugacities' in such a small spacetime,
yes, Fuga Idearum is rich
and that should be forbidden to be so meaningful, so significant …

Format :: digital
Location :: otium

Gate Zero :: coded dream ep

( broadband noise ) Simple things are better things.
( coded dream ) Please don't look further, here is the better chill out place.
( the last step to the abyss ) The first better one in a cinematographic unknown landscape.
( quiet fear ) a real suspicion or better ?

Format :: digital
Location :: belladonna records
Website :: Gate Zero

Max Richter :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Denis Mati :: autumn (ep)

Pure product of has very high artistic intelligence:: autumn of Denis Mati, followed upon a preceding collaboration (:: internal fog) with the very accurate label of Murmansk, which then also confirms an exceptional … autumn (and let me invit you to check the splendid last release of Coldicus :: easy love/hard feel).
Denis Mati is an hybrid sound collagist, sometimes manipulating ambient soundscapes as a "rough" material, but always keeping in mind this beautiful perspective of innocence.
Denis Mati is also the author of a Masterpiece called :: mental parts.

Format :: digital
Location :: hw homework
Blog :: Denis Mati

Laurent Batailley :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Fern :: this first day

an enigma … this release is a complete enigma. Since the beginning of this week, i try to understand … understand then by far, interpret my global interest for this early day but, such as water passing through the fingers, the enigma is still there - a secret monolith. Yes, this "first day" is a monolithic enigma beauty with whom you learn to live everyday. The simple and ordinary complicity of each moment.
But anyway, before starts this "normality" was :: this first day.
As on this evident subjective and quite relative revelation, i don't want to give you the impression of a personal lack of courtesy, i just like to add that this one day old new paddle is simply all right for me.
Now, what about you ?

Format :: digital
Location :: thinner/autoplate

Website :: Fern dj team

various artists :: glasshouse #01

Thus, we finally have in hands the first hardcopy and tenth reference of the Modena label …
It is, we easily imagine, an important moment, because the first off-line excursion for a netlabel with a great recognized requirement.
Then now, is the question :: welcome in the real world zymogen ? … the answer is making absolute no doubt.
Between concept album or an obvious will of representation of the activities of the label, this release can easily make lie these points of view, so much it has a real coherence, :: glasshouse 01 is of those rare compilations from which we refuse to distinguish such participant or such other - this unit is partly due to the excellent graphic work of sunisbetterthanmoney, to the beautiful and now usual images of Mario Aldovini, due to the suggestive immersion of the tracklist and well on, due with the high behaviour of the guest-list :: Ibakusha - D'incise - Takeshi Nakamura - Lezrod.
Suggestive immersion? yes, Filippo Aldovini has it seems, have privileged a progression tactic on, and that does not have been so easy, as so much these artists compete in the excellence and the multiplicity of their matter. Thus ibakusha surreptitiously takes us on board, in some soundscapes where sometimes we perceive an aural signal inviting us to the back return - too late!
D'incise offers to us "un bouquet de fleurs fanées c'est si joli" … et tellement vrai (and so true)
Nakamura continues with a “subtraction” which in fact, hides an authentic and beautiful sub-abstraction.
Finally, Lezrod closes the door of the glasshouse in a flow and a backward flow of tearing sound layers of particles in search of skeletal and late harmony, this “xx” is … XXL.

Off or On, zymogen is a very precious line to follow.


Ainsi donc, avons-nous enfin entre les mains la première hard-copie et dixième référence du label de Modène …
C'est, nous l'imaginons aisément, un moment important car la première excursion off-line pour un netlabel à l'exigence reconnue.
Alors maintenant, la question est-elle :: welcome in the real world zymogen ? … la réponse ne fait absolument aucun doute.
Entre concept album ou une évidente volonté de représentativité des activités du label, cette réalisation peut facilement faire mentir ces points de vue, tant elle a une réelle cohérence, :: glasshouse 01 est de ces rares compilations dont on refuse de distinguer tel participant ou tel autre - cette unité est en partie due à l'excellent travail graphique de sunisbetterthanmoney, aux belles images désormais coutumières de Mario Aldovini, à l'immersion suggestive de la tracklist et bien sur à la haute tenue de la guest-list :: ibakusha - d'incise - takeshi nakamura - lezrod. Immersion suggestive ? oui, Filippo Aldovini a semble-t'il privilègié une tactique de progression et cela n'a pas du être facile, tant ces artistes rivalisent dans l'excellence et la multiplicité de leur propos. Ainsi Ibakusha nous embarque subrepticement dans quelques soundscapes où parfois l'on perçoit un signal sonore nous invitant au retour arrière - trop tard !
D'incise nous offre "un bouquet de fleurs fanées c'est si joli" … et tellement vrai (and so true)
Nakamura poursuit avec un "subtraction" qui cache en fait une authentique et belle sub-abstraction.
Lezrod enfin, referme la porte de la serre dans un flux et un reflux de déchirantes nappes de particules sonores en quête d'une squelettique et tardive harmonie, ce "xx" est … XXL.

Qu'elle soit "Off" ou "On", zymogen est une très précieuse "line" à suivre.

format :: cd / digital
Location :: zymogen

Mogwai :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

PolarProject :: remember ep

If nobody doesn't take care, 06 can easily becomes the Polar Project year. The recent arrival of a brand new version of the website of the originally variable geometric duo of Frankfurt, but finally and mainly a solo project of Juergen Rieger, confirms a growing interest for this inspired personality, mainly haunting urban post-human landscapes than "little house in the prairie". This recent actuality is the opportunity for a few words on :: remember ep, which was coming there before this blog - then, to be perfectly honest, i will have some difficulties to say that this too short ep is pure rubbish, as those 3 tracks are the exact mirror of hybrid feelings on a very high perception of reality. This is the main force and great talent of Polar Project who sometimes goes in the same playground area as the absolute venerated Dusseldorf's cyclists. Juergen Rieger has a magic pallet to decrypt the rigidity of things (close your eyes) but as the difference, with the robots, he transports this one in a tiny bag, that one that carries the true nomads.

Format :: digital
Location :: remember ep
Website :: PolarProject

Related :: urban nomad
Video :: just disappear - courtesy of filament recordings

K.M. Krebs :: fog sequences

All made through unpredictable distortion effects generated from a fm drone generator, those :: fog sequences have a highly strange density - Krebs puts at evil the particulate character of the moisture of the “fog” to give it this kind of arid and perturbing magnetic electricity. The load is particularly strong.

Format :: digital
Location :: treetrunk records
Website :: Kevin M.Krebs

Szajner :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Ahasverus :: the destiny of fabian kazmierski

Difficult not to draw up a relationship between the myth of the wandering Jew (Ahasverus) and this release as much mythical:: the destiny of Fabian Kazmierski. Henrik Summanen (the man behind Ahasverus project) is undoubtedly a major archaeologist of the short cuts. It is true that museums are often places where myth and reality do particularly are on to a good thing. Ahasverus is brilliant there in art to scramble the tracks. Then, I let you discover this strange adventure of Fabian Kamierski through the presentation text of Protoplazma, as we are now entering into dark and deep landscapes. This destiny is all made of beauty that hurts, sometimes threatening (three shadows) sometimes mesmerize (river bank) and there will be no respite. 8 pieces of this emotional impact which leaves you without voice - do not pass beside.

Format :: digital
Location :: protoplazma
Website :: Ahasverus

Takeshi Nakamura :: the questionnaire

:: This portrait is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890

Javier Rubio :: hi%

"La obsesión por el control del ambiente" … Second after second, Javier Rubio confirms, ::hi% practices the solidification of atmosphere(S), as others make sculpture, appreciation of the quality of matters, combined environment with an exceptional sensory perception -:: hi% is also and finally, the place where we can discover the absolute happiness which constitutes the track "estez".
Debe tener ? sí definitivo !

Format :: digital
Location :: ++sensor
thanks to hOus3s at minifú

Laurent Batailley :: the black dog - end of time

can you immediately feel this particular touch with some magnetic velvet particles, slightly thorny asperities shaving the end of your fingers ?
Can you breathe an air satured with some organic emanations of a vegetable gas ? Then, seized by some shiver, try to imagine the most splendid toboggan whirling in an infinite greenery.
Magic and so real, this musician is a photographer, or is it the contrary ?
who cares …

Format :: photography
Location :: the black dog - end of time
Website :: Laurent Batailley

Sven Swift :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

various artists :: intelligent toys 3

"In front of your eyes you have the third part of the most successful Intelligent Toys compilation series. During these 3 years Intelligent Toys 2 has become the best representative of Sutemos.net and it remains not only the most popular release of our net label but also one of the most popular virtual compilations of electronic music in the world."

… so this "most popular virtual compilation of electronic music in the world" should be that post-Boards of Canada, Plaid pale copy of tepid and uninspired tracks from some grandly interesting artists ? The sutemos modest guys have really to wake up from their lukewarm torpor, these :: intelligent toys 3 has a sad taste of "déjà-vu", just broke them ! and let us just call that, a fastly forgotten faux-pas.

Format :: digital
Location : sutemos

Isuzu Kochiwa :: disassembling the molecules

Sigmar Polke, Holbein, Martin Kippenberger, Hans Richter, Shrigley, Marcel Duchamp, O'Helen, De Koonig, Magritte, Velasquez, Durer, Reinhardt, George Baselitz, Degas, Warhol, Monet, Tuymans or Anselm Kiefer …
What is the difference between all these artists in the hands of Isuzu Kochiwa ?
They all become particularly tedious.
I do not thank you Mister Kochiwa …

Format :: digital
Location :: birdsong

various artists :: OIO

We often show "some" reviewers being talkative ... That is absolutely right, but we can also say that compilations are not the best exercice to be quite succinctness, as we have to share so many items such as the general concept of the release (if there is one), all the details concerning each guest of the compilation (new comer in the label, a new direction for some artist …). In fact, being "succintness reviewer of compilation" is not an easy job … And so, concerning this OIO serein release, i have challenged myself being the more concise possible :: just a word … for each
Concept :: yes
Artwork :: nice
Artists :: nic(n)e
1 . marcel türkowsky - kuro sawa :: … snug
2 . herzog - perhaps she'd like to see me fall apart :: … highlight
3 . stephane leonard - wanna be :: … inspired (faith)
4 . huw roberts - a dolce in sun :: … acuity
5 . mark templeton - further to speak :: … meander
6 . 1000 hours of staring - north :: … busy
7 . stephane leonard - do you wander ? :: … tune
8 . muhr - l'écoulement :: … risky
9 . yannick franck and olivier pé - #004 :: … ionizing
in a protean word, OIO is snug-highlight-inspired-acuity-meander-busy-tune-risky-impalpable and … recommended !

Format :: digital
Location :: serein
Info :: serein is also guest of multilink magazine / new issue - vol.2 : issue 3

Fred Debief :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Takeshi Nakamura :: compudelic

In not more than a year, and 6 major releases, Takeshi Nakamura became a very important actor of the electro (glitch) scene. The possible highlight was probably "ordinary days" for zymogen netlab on late january, followed by the springtime "easy listening" that the home reviewer, in a fever access, had possibly critically dispatched a little too … hastily. Then I was impatiently waited the moment or finally I could again say all it although I think of this very great artist - this time now came with :: compudelic.
Opening with "new world disorder" and its fragmentated vocabulary, dig worthy of a Gysin dream machine in full sensory divagation. you can be certain that we approach some "exra-ordinary" shores. Then, if sometimes the writing becomes rougher (entrance) it is to better prepare the brilliant "compudelic" track in which Takeshi plays with sounscapes and images of those old kitsch visions of the antic computer age (pre-atari version). Take care about the man cause he has a great sense of humour (remember :: easy listening) and “dub” does not make it lie. "tone-deafness remix" is the perfect prolongation right before starting another top of the release "neurosis". This autumn will probably be influenced by the splendid Nakamura's abstract architectures such as this "am 4:30" which ends this sixth production of the musician and makes us, from now, on await more impatiently the continuation … we will not wait for long, be sure of that.

Format :: digital
Location :: play-code
Website :: Takeshi Nakamura

please check also

Takeshi Nakamura :: inferior articles
Format :: digital
Location :: digitalbiotope

Vitalis Popoff :: didaskalion tou hypnou

Such a prelude to the numbness of our senses - this new release of (great) web activist, Vitalis Popoff, recalls us with the greedy pleasure of these “classic” tech-dub productions, with a "nonchalante" unconcern, dissimulating a rare intensity. 7 perfect gems.

Format :: digital
Location :: no-response
Website :: Vitalis Popoff

Anton Cherkasov aka Holden :: the questionnaire

* Этот портрет основан на первоначально "вопроснике Marcel Proust", созданном Антоинетте Фауре вокруг 1890

Heezen :: secret speech

What splendid days ! ... Beautiful netaudios succeed to other, and non less, beautiful netaudios and it must be said, it is quite delicate to follow this infernal movement. Then, after such a great party, the hangover will be brutal, one day or another. Anyway, as said somewhere Miss County "tomorrow is another day" …

Who are those :: secret speech, all made of particles of souvenirs, extracted from the memory of Raül Fuentes, or was it from old vinyl treasures. A few guitar tunes, a reminiscence of Willian Klein iconography or Jean Seberg selling the “New York herald tribune” on the Champs Elysées, a limpid writing. These secrets are all made of magic. what splendid days !

Format :: cd / digital
Location :: 12rec.
Website :: Heezen

Madame Cell :: madame cell

:: madame cell is the result of the intensive and grubbing work of ig.
the accomplices are (in order of appearance in your orl system) ::
Mónica De Nut - Fernando Abreu- Alvaro Iglesias
:: madame cell is the result of improvisations - sound collisions and slides …
:: madame cell is a pretty woman
:: madame cell is all made of talent but in 7 distinctive parts and it is sometimes difficult to have a general point of view on this protean beauty. The beautiful "intermezzo" of :: madame cell have been all made with a piano and it is a beautiful intermezzo. As i am in, i do not understand a word of the presentation text of the release, and i should like to have the translation of these words but as always, i do not want to use those silly surrealistic translator machines.

the "fuga a 2 voce" of :: madame cell is absolutely "impressive" … but i also have to take care on my impressive use of this word, these days. "praeludium en mi" would easily transformed you as an agreeing victim of a mantis reliogosa.
In :: madame cell, after the "mi" is the "re", and it is a pretty good news for all those who prefer short cuts to musical theory - the only problem in that this "praeludium in re" is closing an "a emocion sempre residual" and i agree because i think it means ... essential.

Format :: digital
Location :: alg-a

Coldicus :: easy love - hard feel

Of course, this review could look like this :: "Following the may single release :: minimal [no] horowo for otium netlab, :: easy love - hard feel confirms all it although we thought of Ilya Mamochkin. Amateur of atmospheres where the deep immersions dominate, the man of Murmansk is an usual and amateur of beautiful work" … but, after a quick search on google, looking for impressions on colors, skies, walls … of the city, appears this photo taken through a car window of a man alone, in a Murmansk street covered with white and dirty snow ( photo ) the picture is ironically intitled "a russian graffiti" in reason of a soviet-realism prop painting on the wall of a building …nothing on the quiet gravity on the face of the man who seems to just have a walk, indifferent to the matter of the photographer (who is probably in search of a hypothetical sense of humour). Coldicus is doing the same with his music, gravity, quiet and deep feelings, a taste of humanity solidified by the cold nature of things. In that way, the works of Ilya are so deeply modern and impressed of a true and rare elegance. Then remains that general impression of conceptual sadness even after a delicate "caress", or is it what the french symbolists poets of the end of the 19th century (Charles Baudelaire) called "spleen" and on particular item like "everything's (no) ok", the message is clear. "whatever" which follows seems to propose a way, a way on vacuity, luxury, Coldicus is apparently a dandiysm adept. This beautiful netaudio is closing on "man in fridays" and "sms" majorly on a downtempo electronica approach, but no way on some genre terms, Coldicus is singular and we sometimes should like to have a walk in Murmansk streets with him.

Format :: digital
Location :: hw homework

V and R :: minimal [no] horowo

Kenji Siratori :: the questionnaire

* This portrait is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Eric Delay :: finding neverland

"The girl with the pearl and the turban" still keeps his precious secret … through a cold fog, Eric Delay is in search of James M. Barrie imaginary country. It is certain that with a single of this quality, he could find it, who knows ...

Format :: digital
Location :: audio 808
Website :: Eric Delay

Alexandre Navarro :: the questionnaire

* This portrait is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890

Alkor :: describe your nature ep

As an authentic epicurean, who wants to hide his pleasure ? the synthetic candy amateurs, that we are, will regale themselves, "describe your nature" is a window of softnesses - deep basses, eliptic loops, cinemascope soundscapes, perfect harmonies on impulsive rhythmics, Alkor is not sparing, in those dark times of austere rigour and serious faces, never the word "enjoy" have been so magically spendthrift and useful, dziękuję Alkor … En-joy !

Format :: digital
Location :: kahvi
Location :: archive

Alexandre Navarro :: dimension

Please say it all to me

What is the magnitude of an air sight ? do we have to give up with the pleasure of a travel vision ?
With :: dimension, Alexandre Navarro is offering a beautiful invitation to explore the projection of the space between things, people and thoughts - a delicate pop perfume comes to support the lightness of the matter, this release is the one of a traveller attentive to his environment - mobile or motionless, at last it doesn't matter, as only counts the art of travelling in another ...

Format :: digital
Location :: standard klik music

Baba Llaga :: el ultimo viaje de vasilissa

Impressive … ''el amor del insectos''
Impressive … "cuarto milenio"
Impressive … "omen"
Impressive … "documento clinico"
Impressive … "la axacra de llano"
Impressive … "television fantasma"
Impressive … "dama del ocaso"
Impressive …
Impressive … are first those enthralling little "insectos" which surreptitiously involve enter bodies through auditory canal and mark durably your cortex - Impressive is the echo of the fourth millenium in a human breathe - impressive is "omen" as a moving and atmospheric opacity suddenly returned to our tangible reality - impressive is "documento clinico" this gloved latex hand, opening a heavy file of secrecies, do you feel the glance of that whom scans you professionally - impressive is "laxacra de llano" like an electric cable transferring on standby electric shock - "television fantasma" will no longer give any rest as impressive are the flux of questions on the real contain behind the screen - Then does "dama del ocaso", which ends this release, like a Burroughs cut-up attack on a lyrical sanctuary revealing a white noise heart is impressive ? Yes it is.

:: el ultimo viaje de vasilissa is the first release of Baba Llaga - Raul Dominguez (Armadillo Concreto), Miguel A. García (Xedh, Valvula Antirretorno), Daniel Llaria (Bujero) & Itziar Markiegi (Teta FX), "100% improvised … focused more on the texture and evocation than on the impact and perversion of different forms of music - no intentions and no pretentions.”

just … impressive

Format :: digital
Location :: mahorka
thanks to Sergi at bleepwatch
V and R :: Xedh :: sort:zen

Pedro Leitão :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Petr Drkula :: shades of indian summer

"Composition Shades of Indian Summer is dedicated to my wife. It's something like memory of time when we have met each other. Plain themes returning periodically in small harmonic variations make a characteristic reminiscent touch." Says Petr Drkula and he is a far-sighted lover and an artist as clear-sighted as these :: shades of indian summer are so mostly addictive, that it is probably necessary to prepare the future listener you actually are. Take care with the modern charm of this magician. after 21 minutes 29 of such a harmonic fluidity treatment can we still imagine that a piano may be abused. Petr is indeed a frightening magician proposing to share some impressions of past but especially far from these sedative nostalgias evoked whereas we are comfortably installed in an armchair - This indian summer is beautiful, intensely contemporary and perfectly ... alive - Take care

Format :: digital
Location :: protoplazma
Website :: Petr Drkula

Rob Lynam :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

.at/on :: v 2.02

is .anton holota still an investigator of formal minimalism ? or is he, as the hero of the famous 1957 Jack Arnold's movie "The Incredible Shrinking Man" about to discover an attractive world behind the visible matter.
microscopic maximalism ? dancer lost in huge nanotechnology landscape ?
release after release, .at/on seems to have in heart to reintroduce quite beautiful harmonies (untitled 02) where one could imagine some and icy distance.
admittedly technological, the result is not less than one attractive beauty. Is .at/on first nano-poet ?

Location :: telescope
Website :: .at/on
V and R :: .at/on :: prostir

Kenji Siratori - ocp - t3tsuo :: gene tv

close encounters of the third kind ?

never - never the genre terms : noise and spoken words, have been looking so …. Perfectly Ridiculous and perfectly unsignifiant. do we need a target for pissing ?

1 is the writer :: Kenji Siratori
2 is the musician :: ocp
3 is the musician :: t3tsuo.

and then, the encounters …

"artificial insemination"
tubular auto reverse laconic voice on semi-parazited cryptic sound - and likely to scramble the waves for ocp, sweeping beams an indefinite screen and quite as crypto-organic search of signal for t3tsuo. Chemical organization, and always this laconic descriptive and so lyrical voice. (cups, domes) will allow to prolong the contact.

"gene tv"
still in this scrambling (brouillage) and satured evp's (electronic voices phenomenas) ocp gives us the first sound score of a crawling tv program (…terrorists … communication …) then t3tsuo, in a disconcerting (and "traditional"…) attitude, punctuates the litany of the presenter, trunk-man, TV-humanoïd ? confrontation with these two versions appears quite charismatic

Finally "neo drug(s)ismo" through ocp, brings us all the “comfort” and the “quietude” of the chemical lures, whereas t3tsuo involves us in a neuro wadding carapace.

This experiment is to be missed under any pretext.
Mimi Records, there, have signed one of the most inspired hybrid project since a very long time.
You now can hardly switch on your gene tv …
end of transmission

"Language is a virus from outer space..." - William S Burroughs

Location :: mimi records

Letna :: white city

In some Distant and precious echoes, the guitar of Sasa Vojvodic, is coming back in the :: white city -
is the white from snow ? from sun ? from bright sky before a rainy day ? difficult to answer - Oh, it is not therefore, a deserted and arid place, just a quiet place where sometimes we can hear people speak and children to have fun in laughter.
Slow motion, here everything seems to be in distance, inaccessible and yet so real.
The :: white city is certainly real, but it remains to define which reality.
Welcome !

Format :: digital
Location :: eko

Martin Schulte + Eric Delay :: remixes

The best ideas are usually the most simple one's … Martin Schulte and Eric Delay have understood this, as they have decided to remix each other for then producing the most interesting ambient single of this re-entry.
The Shukhov tower is now dubitative, is Nizhny Novgorod the epicentre of the ambient phenomenon ? A long time ago that everyone at Green Rat doesn't no longer ask the question … they are right.

Format :: digital
Location :: green rat records
Website :: Martin Schulte
Website :: Eric Delay

Kuu :: loplus ep

As some are surfing a soft quiet wave or another, others are discovering new lands and soundscapes, Kuu belongs to the very respectable second category of researchers, collecting different musical journeys and projects.
Then, after 7 years of absence, Monotonik is legitimately glad to find again Joonas Vähämäki (aka Kuu) for this new EP :: loplus. "io" which opens the release, does not leave any doubt, this resident of the far North (from the very confirmed coldish electro emerging Finland) is got excited of space, even if it plays with our nerves in search of delivery. "rosa" gives in its turn, this feeling graying speed even if the tone still remains retained. No more solid pressure "pine" offers the revelation and "bonus track" which closes the ep, has the insidious characteristic to encourage you to start again the :: loplus exercice - the loop is buckled.

Format :: digital
Location :: monotonik

Peacee F Moya :: mouth for sore sight

Is it a deafening whisper ? why does suddenly air in the room growing in density and thickness - chamanic mantras in an industrial complex of wadding, felt and lead in fusion, Peacee F Moya takes you in a ballet, whose mechanism seems to have a curious tendency to leave in a dangerous inflationary spiral - the loss of control is inevitable and do not seek especially to hang to you to some illusory accent of flattering trumpet. But here now we are in the center of a “three exodic”, second act of a a ceremony whose central topic is to be played of our “doors of perception” - it just remains to be known if we are player in this open mouth for sore sight.

Format :: digital
Location :: test tube

Milieu :: sun white sun

Today the question is, "is Milieu overexposed ?" Is Brian Grainger, as Carl Martin (of Transient) so prodigally productive that everyone doesn't now give the same attention to this work. See, if we strictly refer to the 2006 Milieu production (and today is august 23rd) we are not very far from 10 releases (11 in 2005) … the reason is maybe in the french word "milieu" which means "middle" (of … the road ?)
Then, now the second question is why the people of EED may have choose an artist like Milieu ( and by far for a netaudio and maybe a 07 coming cd ) is Brian Grainger so newly and so highly representative of this label ?

And finally, what about with :: sun white sun, Brian Grainger lends himself to the game of the improvisation for the FREED Music serie (the impro side-project of EED), and the answer of the previous questions is somewhere in the result of this netaudio : blank. Opening with a half-encouraging "velvet morning" cumulating an interesting succession of atmospheric layers, the release is then sinking into enigmatic and trouble drone waters - It will not regrettably recover from it.

We can thank EED for this disagreeable experience, they have proved that Milieu is a seductive but a second hand artist dedicated to average electronica music tastes. Brian Grainger is certainly very emblematic for the netscene recognition, but he is also the tree which hides a forest of fabulous talented artists sometimes engaged in a music evolution approach. If you wish a demonstration, you are just invited to consult the back catalog of EED, for example …

Format :: digital
Location :: EED

summer overviews and ...

D'incise :: insectes, attentes et pixels
Format :: digital
Location :: zymogen

IJO :: computer pop
Format :: digital
Location :: sutemos

Martin Schulte :: chain reaction
Format :: digital
Location :: smt.records

various artists :: summer nights
Format :: digital
Location :: standardklikmusic

... lazy silent reviews

Passive Defence :: relate

If everything is so relative, this release can give sense to an absolute doubt form.

The report is clear, Jochen Dworeck early made place us in the center of an environmental space, goes out of blank page in the absence of edge, where it is fast necessary to us to define the uncomfortable caracter of the situation at risk of returning to the previous episode. In that particular way, Dworeck offers a big originality, by giving this part of "vacancy" to his music which some people can sometimes consider "disembodied" - risks has to set - :: relate is a release made for the candidate adventurers, for the mental explorers and all those who wish to define themselves in the blank page without edge.


Le constat est clair, Jochen Dworeck a tôt fait de nous placer au centre d'un vide environnemental, sorte de page blanche en l'absence de bords, vide où il nous faut bien vite définir le caractère inconfortable de la situation au risque de retourner à l'épisode précédent. Dworeck offre une belle originalité en donnant cette part de "vacance" à sa musique que certains pourront parfois juger "désincarnée" - c'est un risque a prendre.
:: relate est une réalisation faite pour les candidats à l'aventure, pour les explorateurs mentaux et tous ceux qui désirent se définir dans la page blanche sans bords.

Format :: digital
Location :: stadtgruen

Neuf Meuf :: its cold in space

:: it's cold in space has "nonchalantes allures",
it is quite difficult to stick a description to it, that's it !
Co-produced by 12rec and Serein, we did not need less than these 2 structures to try to delimit this wandering creation -
:: it's cold in space invites you to 11 rhyzomic escapades without party taken, but whose epicentre of the phenomenon could be "goldberry dreamsteam", with its jazzy premises, its slow ambient immersion, moving textures and always this kind of indolent charm.
In its “solid” version :: it's cold in space is accompanied by a very beautiful graphic creation of Inmo Design, publishers besides of the very remarkable MultiLink magazine.
Neuf Meuf is a man of taste.


:: it's cold in space a des allures nonchalantes,
il est bien difficile d'y coller un descriptif, tant mieux !
Co-produit par 12rec et Serein, il ne fallait pas moins que ces 2 structures pour tenter de délimiter cette création vagabonde -
:: it's cold in space vous invite à 11 escapades rhyzomiques sans parti pris, mais dont l'épicentre du phénomène pourrait bien être "goldberry dreamsteam", avec ses prémisses jazzy, sa lente immersion ambient, textures mouvantes et toujours cette sorte de charme indolent.
Dans sa version "solide" :: it's cold in space est accompagné d'une très belle création graphique de Inmo Design, par ailleurs éditeurs du très remarquable magazine MultiLink.
Neuf Meuf est un homme de goût.

Format :: cd / digital
Location :: 12rec - serein

Segue :: capitalist hippies

See the silent ballet of the world through the window, feel this gradual ankylosis of your attention -
Segue tests himself with the stylistic sketch and he reaches that extremely well.
Detached from all, this ep is all made of this rhythmic draft, a paraffined dub, sometimes lost in a light fog, as a prismatic but simple reality.

A too short experience, probably the result of another stock exchange flower-powered strategy of the ... capitalist hippies.

Format :: digital
Location :: archive.org

v/a :: draumar um kalt sumar

Draumar Um Kalt Sumar - Dreams About Cold Summer … 14 dreams for 13 original dreamers (Galaktlan is guest twice) - this icelandic thema compilation rather marks the return of Sutemos, after a long absence (the label have recently announced some news until the autumn 06) - No real surprise in those icy soundscapes, but an elegant selection of elegant tracks for elegantly fresh people - Then, some dreams are sometimes getting higher than others as the "walkman" of Yagya or the "blank paper" bleeps of Static.

Format :: digital
Location :: sutemos

v/a :: summer lights

A clear blue immaculate sky, no clouds around, maybe just a very minimal wind, which gives a sweet impression of movement on leaves in the trees, no more rebel sounds than this marrowy succession of 12 pieces of concentrated talent - oh, there is sometimes a surprise, just to give a little spice in this sweet harmony, but don't count on me to tell about, just have a look on the guest list - the people of EKO are really lucky and a bit lazy, it is not too difficult to success this first compilation, it is the inexhaustible advantage of people who have good taste.

Format :: digital
Location :: eko

v/a :: movin on

Claudia Bonarelli, .at/on, The Suffragettes, Pero, Shalma-, Salmon, Muffrare, Masaya Sasaki, Goem|fdw, Motor, g_n44f, Lod, Jos Smolders and Andrey Kiritchenko have a common center of interest these days, they are all movin' on this second compilation of Minusn. A pretty and good idea of the label, which gives us to listen to some impatiently waiting artists ( Lod, Kiritchenko, Sasaki…) and discovering some others new collaborations , as "avant-première" (the mysterious Claudia Bonarelli who have a nice trumpet, or the coming "The Suffragettes" with So Inagawa who recently had made us get up with his :: nagoya gun shop ep.
:: movin on is an epiphenomenon of the Minusn gravitation.

Format :: digital
Location :: minusn

Breaks The Blank Day :: s/t

No way summer consumerists citizen tourists !
Breaks The Blank Day is ... "Inspired by rainy days and empty streets"

Format :: digital
Location :: kikapu
Website :: Breaks The Blank Day

Multilink magazine :: issue 02/06

attention, i'm fan ... Far from me, the intention to "detail" the synopsis of this new edition of the splendid MultiLink magazine, not more leading autopsy. It is simply sometimes irrepressible desires of sharing, shares fugacious impressions around the simple report in front of an authentic work of goldsmiths - Multilink multiplies all the talents, edito - subjects - design... one regrets simply the fatal moment where we discover the fourth of cover - precipitate !

Format :: pdf magazine
Location :: Multilink

Plosive :: one remixes

Exacerbated talent, solarized lighting, Plosive (aka Aaron McCammon) gives an immediate and irrepressible desire of remixing things and others, we really should liked to be the lucky ones, Recue, Bad Loop, Emil Klotzsch, iua, Paranerd, Partikel or Jack Haberfield, in hands of such a true revealing of sound asperity zones - Filled of traps for whoever not having an authentically creative intention, the short trackslist of :: one remixes is certainly not the most easy style exercice, but Aaron proves, he has a secret knowledge, or is it a … magic wand, yes, Plosive has a magic wand.

Format :: digital
Location :: one
Website :: Plosive

Sascha Muller :: system 100

Are you ready ? are you ready for an avaibility experience.
Sascha Muller is a quite demanding boy, who obliges with... the vacuity of the spirit and body.
:: system 100 is a backward movement, a physical distance, a place where words are easily becoming whispers.
A quiet zone ? not that sure, certain quiet approaches are sometimes very heavy direction and tumults.
:: system 100 is definitely not a silent release, introspective ? no more, intro-perspective.

Format :: digital
Location :: top 40
Website :: Sascha Muller / Pharmacom

Martin Schulte :: underwater ep

A few weeks after the Mono ep, for green rat records,
over or currently under, Martin Schulte is a very prolific guy.
Once again, take care of appearances there, as you are not on the beach,
wearing a flowered bathing suit, looking at … bikinis, with an ice cream in a hand.
MS is celebrating summer not very far from deep seas,
meeting some dark ghostly pace submarines.
Deeper and deeper in :: underwater ep,
you need nitrogen to discover this under...world,
its fauna, its flora, its beauty, and its particular sound universe.

Format :: digital
Location :: tropic netlabel
Website :: Martin Schulte

The Green Kingdom :: lucky bamboo

There is NOTHING, nothing to say on this :: lucky bamboo of The Green Kingdom, nothing more to say when you are just with the perfect companion.
:: lucky bamboo is a perfect companion.

Thank you, Mister Cottone, you are a lucky bamboo, too.

Format :: digital
Location :: eko
Website :: The Green Kingdom

PolarProject :: urban nomad

Preamble : Behind these words, is hidden an object of attention and desire, one of those which can revealed true difficulties to restrain any objectivity … that "urban nomad" is made of those mysterious and modern behavioral figures, see periscopic glance on the world, see reaction to skin contact with the skaï covering a public transport's seat, see human rhythm clones on the machine, or see attitudes and codes of recognition in town medium ...
a contemporan confrontation is the major theme of :: urban nomad, a clinical observation on personal experience, feelings or sensations to the city ( and citizens ), a city where sometimes you can 'just disappear' …

Format :: digital
Location :: filament > archive.org
Website :: PolarProject

DAF :: toy story

:: toy story is opening, and closing, on a fluid gem.

Format :: digital
Location :: Laverna

Holden :: ambient (live on green air)

Where were you on last May 14th night ?
For my own, i regret not having a walk on the Volga river bank, and sit on the grass, under the trees for this first "live on green air", an open (and fresh) air project. Then here is the testimonial of Holden live set, as another reason of regretting, not having been there. Simply called :: ambient, this 30 minutes long piece is an opportunity to discover some precious tracks of Holden, great sound activist of Nizhny Novgorod and coordinator of the brilliant RatHole Project.
Structured around 4 main themes, and an "audio-recording fields-combined-mix" ended the release, :: ambient, oscillates from classical and quite elegant introduction scheme to darker and deeper technoïd temptation soundscapes, carried by an infinite science on the use of rhythm, the Volga banks must still remember this bass ... abyssal.
Let us turn over to walk again.

Format :: digital
Location :: dead rat records

Bazaar :: eden express

" … Les murs nus de l'univers reflètent les prodigieux actes de terrorisme burlesques. Le hasard, c'est la moindre des choses.
Et pourtant ! ... Nous sommes des métèques, des dégénérés, des désintégrés, des atomisés, des mutants, des exorcistes, des fumistes, des ramiers, des bon à nib. Alors nos dadas, nos hobbies-lubbies, nos tapages, nos épidémies, nos babas, nos parodies, notre vandalisme, nos mixages planétaires, nos mutations, bref ; on a déjà tout dit ... "

Not at the end of surprises ! … For this second cd object release, the EXtensive, Expanding Electronic Diversity new-yorker label (EED) and Bazaar have decided to welcome us with a negative picture representation of "l'heure de tous" a sculpture by Arman, usually presented on its positive version in the entrance of the parisian railway station, la gare Saint-Lazare. As for the first release ( eed 05 compilation) the artwork, designed by Fred DeBief & David Tagg, is still as originally beautiful (hand made), as the edition is ultra limited (50) - EED is usual of goldsmith work, a pretty cool approach for this :: eden Express.
Dedicated to first ( and only one ? ) french beat poet, Claude Pélieu works, :: eden EXpress is mmmh … let me see around … yes, that's it … :: eden EXpress is pro-ba-bly the most Ex-cited and highly concentrated source of AI (artistic intelligence) of the year, solid pleasures for whoever having the senses in awakening.
Opening with 'archipels mutilés', you are immediately taken through a dangerous density combination of reality and abstract suggestive flashy succession of scratching images extracted from a mental deviant tv monitor, Welcome ladies and gents !
'Boomerang' - perfect cut-up poem, as a precious sound-collagist, Bazaar has invited the old Claude friend, Bill, the ghosts of the Interzone are not very far … 'la rue est une rêve" seems to give some echo of temporary rest, a temptation of dancefloor … (on a volcano) strange game of appearances. 'Revolvers pavillons noirs', previously on EED 05 compilation, whirling reminiscence of a dreamed Tanger city. Here invents with blow of guns, the breath of a dark libertarian revolt. Not far of the dominant color of the preceeding track, 'Eden Express', heavy hammering revealing a turning aerial tune, harmony in construction quickly swept by an electric storm. 'le souterrain de velours' could have the out of date perfume of a vintage sm pulp novel, instigator of other famous musical adventures, if it were not there, impregnated by convulsions, fulgurating and tribal rhythmics.
Protean sound matter, with 'soupe de lézard', Bazaar draws up a sound inventory moving, imaginary jazz for daylife documentary film, profusion of images and vision criticizes sharp-edged. Lastly, with "retroviseurs' and ' daN the way lactée',:: eden EXpress is closing on two splendid musical combinations, ' retroviseur' where clash some flutes, tablas, pulsations, with a shivering dematerialized presence, 'Dans la voie lactée bleue' and its spectral intro, remote Qawwali, successive drones and whispers of voices carrying secrets.

:: eden EXpress - Not at the end of surprises ! …

Format :: cd
Location :: +Expanding Electronic Diversity
Website :: fdbf

* summer 1986. Central New York.
extracted from the book : Télé-Karma. " Claude Pélieu - Joël Hubaut "
editions de la C.R.E.M. Collection pronto Epidémia 47. 1991. Réville.

Loïs Laplace :: different parallel

Loïs Laplace - proposes us a quite curious exploration - different parallel - where it is a question of erosion, snow, and finally to appreciate not less than an infinite distance - organic mixture and successive of drones, mysterious rattling and impressive architectures monocordes - the result is declined in a pallet of grey, of liquid chromium, motionless rhythmic images.
:: different parallel has the ferocity of a rectilinear wall, the perfect aridity of a reducing perspective - disconcerting beauty.

Format :: digital
Location :: filament recordings
Website :: Loïs Laplace

This Mess Is Mine :: the week-end ep

I adore the tracklisting of this :: week-end ep ; 24 Hours Spoilt And Damaged, Like A Whale That Swims Through The Thames, All Quiet On The Western Front, The Sea One Boat A Lake The Sails, I Have An Elephant In My Pocket, Some Birds Sing Like Spring Is Coming Through My Window, ... splendid, no ? we sure want to better know what a guy with such beautiful titles, have put in there.
First the guy behind TMiM, Lars Kranholdt who, with Anne Bayer, under the name Anoïs have recently done a charming little pop release (Tracery On A Frosted Window) for ponirepublic, and then, have decide that "This mess is mine" could be better … alone.
Made on 2 days in last march, :: the week-end ep could easily be referred as folktronica if Lars Kranholdt had not taken the freedom to take other ways (and if possible short cuts) … beautiful exercice of freedom, a true rare quality ( and singularity) these days. is Lars Kranholdt only musician ...

this mess is mine !

Format :: digital
Location :: aerotone
Link :: a picture

Unit 21 :: september - october

New comer, originating from Nizhny Novgorod, new eldorado of the Russian experimentation with people like Holden and its rathole project, Stanislav Vdovin (Unit 21) makes a particularly remarkable entry in ambient soundscape. Built starting from samplings cracking vinyl out of age, the 4 tracks of:: september-october, are the demonstration of a very great atmospheric control as an undeniable direction of the composition. Beyond these invaluable qualities, Unit 21 is also extremely intelligently freed from this capacity to maintain these parts right in on this side surface of the reality, he knows what means the prefix : sub
A nice piece of work - welcome Unit 21.

Format :: digital
Location :: thinner autoplate

The Great Mundane :: duality ep

Do you want to be in a movie whose original score would be signed by this great mundane , Jeffrey Acciaioli ?
Here is the pitch - After a brilliant introduction (skip), or was it a fast announcement teaser, here are you now physically immersed in a mysterious and intriguant situation (disguising discomfort), maybe a running quest for suspended time. "No dumping in Jersey" jazzy tempo, great classicism in construction and always this undeniable talent of cinematic sound projectionism.
It is hardly if one distinguishes this "gallop" which looks more to heavy beat with that delicate tune of western guitar than we already set out again towards a "collecting rain", which does not have time to wet us, just a touch.
Return to an apparent calm, orientalish funky groove for those "bombs 2 buisness", that the curtain is already being closed again on "touching the past", inspired melancholic counting rhyme disappearing in a distant sound… or was it landscape . This film is definitely too short, The Great Mundane is a man in a hurry, we ask some more.

Format :: digital
Location :: belladonna records
Infos :: The Great Mundane

.at/on :: prostir

The roughness adepts, granular mixtures will regale themselves, invited to a jamming coded with perfume of hermetism. Gorged with evp, interferences, voluntary sound accidents, surgical turns crypto-disco music (X) … But :: Prostir (dimension in Ukrainian) is before an ep whose the matter is political, drawing our attention to the unbalances economic resources of the rich countries face to the Third World and “astonishing” the socio-economic blindness of G8. :: Prostir is there indeed synonymous of size, put in perspective for elements met that and resulting from our daily technological, that it is click' cuts, minimal or even glitch, [.at/on] brings us has to appreciate spectral rhythmics ones but ultra stimulative (y), so much so that one is surprised to accompany this rhythm by a swaying walk which would not betray the call of a post dancefloor temptation (sic…). We will not insist on the mystery maintained which surrounds patronym of [.at/on] originating from Kiev and author in addition of netaudios for Plex, 20kbps records, Nishi or Cifrarec.project. :: prostir is a very impressive project due once still, by Minusn, which makes the demonstration of sound as much high degree of musical quality as of its artistic requirement. They are thanked for it.

Format :: digital
Location :: minusn
Website :: .at/on

Takeshi Nakamura :: easy listening

In the continuity of :: ordinary days done at the beginning of year,
also at zymogen, the very productive Takeshi Nakamura invites us, not
without derision, to 31 minutes of :: easy listening declined in 6
"Wonderful" which opens this new opus, sorrow slightly to be
convinced in front of such an eminent predecessor such as "voices" on::
ordinary days. The first true success of this EP awaits us with the
second track, "I sink", intense swarming and laconic voice on an
acknowledgement of impotence monocorde. "cloud" invites us to an
abstraction enriched with the cut-up by the best effect. "defeat"
delivers some secrecies that thanks to an abandonment to variable
amplitude, not very convincing. "particle", innovative, probable
interlude enough not a certain disinterest of its creator, whom one
hopes for momentary finally the release is closed again on "sundial"
built on the concept of a progressive covering. Wasn't that "easy
listening" superfluous? perhaps, an error, altogether, without
consequence …

Format :: digital
Location :: zymogen
Website :: Takeshi Nakamura

Coldicus :: minimal [no] horowo

Through 30 collaborations with great artists such as Songraphie, or recently Aka.me, and today this Coldicus single, Otium have developed a pretty nice influence in electronic culture field. If there is a common qualification to all the releases of the label, it is indeed the requirement with which the sound is treated, and also… the image suitable for each one, and this :: minimal [no] horowo of Господин Coldicus does not derogate from the rule. In two tracks and maxi effectiveness, :: minimal [no] horowo offers, none without gravity, a soundscape which does not suffer from any failure, nor excessive ornament, a very professional work and an ideal concept for the rigorous practice of modernity.

Format :: digital
Location :: Otium

Dave Zeal :: pieces of the broken road

Deploy its talent in Less or a bit more than three minutes each, is not easy matter to achieve, and yet Dave Zeal made it with these 8 :: pieces of the broken road, second chapter of the album :: provisions for the restless hour for sine3pm netlabel, a traditional ambient made for the Russian downtempo label, top-40, a classicism of good taste , if it also did not conceal one of the most impressive and irrational passion track, an irresistible desire for howling of pleasure in front a "piece" from a duration of 2 minutes and 56 seconds. bad times for classicism, good times for the galaxy of insane furious … screamers.

Format :: digital
Location :: top-40 /
Link :: provisions for the restless hour

Stud :: I Saw The Future

Stud has opened the Pandora's box.
Between generative data processing and heavy industry :: I saw the future, surprises by an extreme concision, a bit too hermetically compact release and screen.
We should be wrong not to take in serious Alexey Devayin when he says that He saw the future. You now have to verify by your own.

Format :: digital
Location :: Kikapu
Website :: Stud

Milieu :: bent appletrees

Coming from various album sessions during the years 2004 to nowadays, those :: bent appletrees are a fruity opportunity to discover or rediscover the talent without pips of Brian Grainger. This album of 13 remastered outtakes is also a way to discover the elegant and experimentally inspired work of Decisive Sound.

Format :: digital
Location :: decisive sound
Website :: Milieu

Sticking Drops :: meteo ep

And so, the tube number 41 is looking at the sky … as the two members of Sticky Drops project are talking of contrasm.
Contrasm between the reality of sounds and its way to be generate, contrasm in the approach of creation for Lorenzo Tomio and Nicola Luchese, contrasm, contrasm everywhere …
The result is far from being stormy.
'pioggia' (beautiful italian word for 'rain') which opens the ep, is a sensitive hyperreal observation, feel this particular odor of wet hot tar by a stormy shower ?
'grandine' (hail) is made of this massive block bass sound, rolling on little perls after explosion, once again this particular impression of "a" reality evocation in the writing.
Then, this too short :: meteo ep closes on 'neve', a monochromatic larsen snow wind which fills all empty spaces, leaving you any possible lull.
Rain, Hail, Snow … don't forget it, prima di iniziare un'estate calda

Format :: digital
Location :: test tube
Website :: Sticking Drops

Martin Schulte :: mono ep

Even if, far from the vital minima, a track like "mono" is finally not revolutionizing the history of Die Muzika, with a big "D", a big "M" and a little "z" somewhere in the middle, it remains this so inspired "night", deaf lament in obscure bruitist background, ravelling reverberators on choked shootings maintained in abstraction as whirling as inaccessible - Martin Schulte can also place the bar rather high and it is not the least of his qualities.

Format :: digital
Location :: green rat records
Website :: Martin Schulte

Recue :: between stations ep

Far, we are far from the highlights of Helsinki (hello Miss and Tuomas), far from Rovaniemi and the green aurora borealis of the postcard pinned in the kitchen, not so far from the sea, we sure don't want to miss a ride and perhaps will lose our glance at the horizon of Pohjoissatama today, or maybe tomorrow.

"Between stations" is well named, release in motion, flying over huge mental landscapes, Riku Annala is the pilot of a travel agency, offering 4 stages and both appreciations on art to travel. Even if sometimes you can have a touristic stage on 'orchard rd.', a dancefloor temptation. Recue invites to rest and have a quiet harmonic reflexion (between stations). But it is now time to "come away with me"... now it's up to you to hear the call up

very sunny today, there, we are so far from Himanka.

Format :: digital
Location :: One
Website :: Recue

SinQ :: passage

i like to know it better, i like to know it better before talking about this april's netaudio from Monotonik. Just a few listens and i just want to share this first lp of dutch musician Sinq (aka Sander van Orischot) with this authority feeling and voice of those who know that "i found a record, man, you sure have to listen it and you'll be thankful for the rest of the days …" Now if you wish a bit of pragmatism and musical encyclopedia, we are here at crossed ways of some Trip Hop, ambient stuff, but sorry, i'm not a great genres fan, then rather let speak about a deaf melancholy, kid voices playing in sepia soundscape, jazz tune harmony with some moderated samples from pianist Jeroen Van Vliet, a touch of Verdi's Nabucco far behind (Port Aventura), distant delicate voices of some nostalgia (be brave). As its artwork, this netaudio is full of photos yellowed by the years, a "passage" in time and souvenirs. Then to paraphrase some tracks, who's afraid of that? if we are still there.

Format :: digital
Location :: Monotonik
Website :: SinQ

Depth Affect :: arche-lymb

Striking happiness, wobbly pleasure are the words, abstract hip hop is the genre, Depth Affect is the band, and :: Arche-Lymb, the album which possibly makes speak about itself still for a long time. Was all known as?

Format :: cd
Label :: autres directions in music
Previous netaudio release :: mesquin ep - nov. 2003

Jive Biquette :: 11

From glitch to proto-hardcore, with a touch of disproportion, the eleven tracks of "11" are variegated and composites. With an undeniable taste for cinematographic writing and mental soundscapes, Jive Biquette preserves a certain taste for cut-ups, sound joining and (ironic ?) references, such as André Malraux voice (track 04), or punk icon, Poly Styren opening track 05. "11" is also the place of some great collaborations, as the one with contemporary artist Joël Hubaut, who also has signed the artwork. Then remains this weird evocation of sept.11, subtitling "live in Calais", another mysterious way, that I like it to give up by having another go to the splendid "track 06".

Format :: cd
Location :: Jive Biquette

Lezrod :: data transfer

First is the summary of the previous episodes. If you have unfortunately miss the first Zymogen contribution of Lezrod "retorno a la nada", i have the regret to inform you simply have passed through one of the best release of 2005 ( but it is not too late to check it ). Then, here it is "Data Transfer", a netaudio release which opens, for the first time in the short history of the label, a second collaboration with an artist. You probably imagine a possible comparaison with the previous release, it will be a wrong way as Lezrod have chosen the delicate exercice of plural collaborations. Mainly with the homing device Darren McClure, Fgmcvp for whom David Velez (Lezrod) have done remixes, Stephen Walter or electronica artist Gurdonark, this "Data transfer" is very well entitled as the tracks seem so easily "transferable" for the artists working on, a real successful collaboration from the man of Bogotà with his guests, as a sort of enriching friendship. Then, of course, it is finally possible to have a special interest for one or another track ( 'jas" which opens the album, is perhaps the most emblematic), but we never feel this sort of step on interest we usually have in those productions.
Lezrod have called them "data" … or was it a "harmonic data" transfer ?
Last advice, please check it before next year …

Format :: digital
Location :: zymogen
Website :: LezBlog

and some selected works of

Darren McClure ::
Standard Klik Music
Gurdonark ::
Open source audio
Stephen Walter ::

Norman Fairbanks :: graceland ep

it is still very early in the morning, and i am listening to :: graceland ep, the new Norman Fairbanks for Test tube. The sky is bright white as those in the pictures on Norman website and artwork. Nothing is moving around yet, except some (i'm living close to the sea) seagulls turning and going from a roof to another. A quick glance on the tracklist, pch1 - mystified (a probable index for an investigation which will not happened, it is too early) - 90026 - graceland (who still cares) then, what remains of these 4 tracks ? an indefinable charm ? an air tune of guitar (mystified) ? Yes, it seems that it is partly a question of air in there, but a car is passing in the street and my thought with ... now "graceland" wakes me up from my torpor, and i simply still want to play it again. Norman Fairbanks hides behind a certain vacuity of things, just call it : elegance.

Format :: digital
Location :: Test Tube
Website :: Norman Fairbanks

Kenneth Kirschner :: august 10, 2005

After releases such as the recent (and brilliant) Karras :: Fernen, EKOnetlabel continues its collaborations and investigations on immateriality and soundscapes with New-yorker artist Kenneth Kirschner. Probably faithful to the work of the conceptual artist On Kawara, or more simply eager of a permanent chronology of its own work (based on indeterminate music approach) Kirschner gives us a date, "August 10, 2005", a date well far from the state of unconcern of the summer season. The result is a 21 minutes 52 seconds massive and atmospheric inspired piece that we could, certainly imagine out on a summer hit, still would be first necessary that the professionals of the joy of life in tube, take some remedial courses …

Format :: digital
Location :: eko

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk :: eingang nach draußen

"Eingang Nach Draußen" means "Entrance after outside" ...
Das Kraftuttermischwerk proves that dub can be mainstream, appropriate, easily tempting, smooth and sad cause so deeply blank, and Carl Martin (Transient), called for a remix track has the greatest difficulties to change the things in there.

Format :: digital
Location :: Thinner

BRTLMN :: makes body cold

I don't know why, these days i am really fond of some release titles, see that :: MAKES BODY COLD, the second and new release of BRTLMN (aka W.Adams) for EED (inaugurating a brand new website), isn't it a significant and promising title ? Then, what is behind this human ice cream title and hairy frontcover ? in fact, i simply do NOT want to answer and i would like to add, clear up you with your capacity to explore some unconventional little practised musical paths. Iconoclast, BRTLMN is presented as a "singular" artist, and in this particular case, singularity is synonymous of audacity, bizarrery, seal, whim, character, knack, cocassery, drolery, strangeness, eccentricity, dark exoticism, imagination, boldness, independence, individuality, nonconformism, innovation, original, paradox, particularism, characteristic, personality, pricking, picturesque, style, unicity … and i have promised not to answer, but please first check "Thunder God" cid, awesome !

Format :: digital
Location :: +Expanding Electronic Diversity

Daniel Maze :: skuba

A few days after the acceptable but finally forgettable "elementary ep", Daniel Maze is giving us :: Skuba, 5 ambient tracks for the electronic label, Standard klik music. Faithful to ambient spirit on construction, Maze developps interestings "granular" atmospheres ( blinded by the sun ) then confirms this interest on textures and coming rythmics drones with the major piece of the release "foodcourt". After a classic "needles", :: Skuba ends with two colored different tracks called "something", one blue and the other green, and as usual, primary color wins …

Format :: digital
Location :: Standard Klik Music

Tania Mouraud :: ballad n°1 (Mobile snapshots from Paris and Vierzon)

Also projecting it is, also icy or extreme it is, also soft or scented is it, also repulsive, addictive, mobile, misleading and morbid it is, also cynical are sometimes its followers and his decoding... Reality is there, right in front of you and me, perceptible and unanimous, at the end of the camera objectives of Tania Mouraud, like a slow approach without end.
Then, more than a strict spectator of life, these images give us the questions on, not the answers.

Format :: video
Location :: Tania Mouraud Blog

Aplink :: galatea galante / four hour fugue

Sound archivists are never mistaken !
They will tell you, "drone", or maybe, a bit more evasive, "ambient", and then, classify the file.
That seems so evident, 2 tracks whose origin appears at the very least unknown, and the artist not less : Aplink - Galatea Galante / Four Hour Fugue.
Then why the magic takes place at this point?
Why thus this elegant minimalism does inspire you superlative
and no selected enthusiasms ?
Ask the question to sound archivists, and just enjoy their embarrassed silence …

Format :: digital
Location :: kikapu

Sieve :: vacuum - assisted

hall of dark mirrors ? you should take care of the stolid surface.
Feel the Beautiful but permanent "vacuum" atmospheres,
enjoy the helpful presence of rhythm,
but never wait for any keys from Sieve, you are alone,
alone in front of a cold and dark mirror,
alone with the echo of yourself.

Format :: digital
Location :: Kikapu
(thanks to Ralf Hutter & Florian Schneider)

Daniel Maze :: elementary EP

Far from the "Treehugger ep" for 12rec.net, (including the brilliant track 'Manhattan'), here is an "elementary" and acceptable ambient release from the canadian Daniel Maze, for the russian electronic netlabel, Top 40.
Based on rough recordings, this "ready sounds" added with uninspired loops (as followed the "ready made" Marcel Duchamp concept) has finally the "elegance" to be rather short (17 minutes 30)

Location :: Top 40

Keisuke Sudo :: out ability

Is it so "out ability" to go beyond appearances ? Keisuke Sudo invites to think about, for 6 tracks combining drastic experiments to harmony. Sudo is playing a game on intensive rythm and there is no alternative.
"out ability" is a not a peaceful compromise between genres,
"out ability" is a dangerous hybridation.
No alternative !

Location :: panospria

Magnetic Jihad :: bluebeard

"bluebeard" is Rough,
"bluebeard" is noisy,
"bluebeard" is industrial but finally …
"bluebeard" is classic, a successful classic industrial single !
i'm not sure the people of the band will appreciate the compliment, as they seem to work hard to provocate, especially with their punch presentation, their name, without forgetting the associated "bluebeard" track - a magnetic sense of humour (black) -
two classic tracks for a promising first album to come …

Format :: digital
Location :: archive.org
Location :: Lucha Libre Recordings

Irish :: the pretty album

A little more than one year after the brilliant "Understandings" and its very addictive track 'coma and pray', here it is the new and "pretty" release of Irish (aka Irie Yoshihisa) for the very advised netlabel TestTube -
"The pretty album", 4 pieces of childhood's reminiscence, of dreamed nostalgia, but also, and sometimes of broken toys.
'the man of dead letters' which opens the album, offers us the fragmented voice of Mississippi Sunburst on an improbable melody and a delicate building which seems quite fragile, but does not collapse.
Then, Irish invites us to leave for a rave on the Eboshi Mount, erratic and distant of last rejoicings or to come? temptation is strong to succumb to this groove spectral, but reserve is too large. The building, again, seems close to tremble.
From more traditional scheme is "Theme of Emi" which gives us to appreciate the voice of Tsurutin, whispering some soft and secret recommendations.
The album ends on, which certainly, will become one of the track the most … addictive of this spring 2006 : 'Curtain call for the man', and please take attention, cause Irish is intended there to ignite the old stories and to project them with ease with our appreciation, such an unforgettable savour impossible to circumvent.

Format :: digital
Location :: Test Tube
Blog :: Irish

Xedh :: sort:zen

under calms apparent, EED steels the blade ... Best illustration of the general orientation of the label, this release of Xedh is practicing the "deconstructive sound buildings" as an art. An interesting alternative confrontation and a transgenic success

Format :: digital
Location :: +Expanding Electronic Diversity

Transient :: sounds from my pocket

In preparation for springtime, Carl Martin have decided to be light and all occurs in its pocket ... made as traditional for Noisy Vagabond concept on his Palm OS using Bhajis Loops in chocolate, Transient have signed a pretty nice window of delicacies. even if certain candies have sometimes a small taste of melancholy ( shenmue, p2ssiun ) we will certainly not deprive of the pleasure of tightening the hand towards them - thank you Transient

Format :: digital
Location :: Noisy Vagabond Recordings

El Senor Ciuf Ciuf :: as seen from above

"this springtime will be catchy" the great dada meteorologist, El senor Oliviero Farneti is formal, and don't try to resist to "i feel like a clean blackboard" which opens this eclectic view from above, you will only precipitate yourself on a soft fall in some ravelling colored and sometimes sour landscapes, illustrated by the talented Joey Weiser - ispirato!

Format :: digital / cdr
Location :: 12.rec.net

Bacanal Intruder :: modem

Luis García-Pumarino belongs to precious artists. Touch-with-all, and possibly registered in the very private and worthy filiation of visionary people such as the flying lizard David Cunningham ... Far from any traditional standards and reduced category, Bacanal Intruder awakes us to hidden curious good feelings and he plays with it.
Such as a conjurer, Luis is a child able to place in levitation some infinite melody drops that are necessary for you to assemble and combine with your own way on perception of music and the result is this "Modem ep", all made of fresh air, jumping "pulgas" and catchy "pedalillas" … "modem" is a good and warm remedy for the slow inertia of things and that is a reason to thank Zymogen, "grazie" for this nice gift.

Format :: digital
Location :: Zymogen

So Inagawa :: nagoya gunshop ep

minihouse or minitech, as you want ... but want it !
the 5 models (see tracklist) of this EP, are there to make us get up ! ... and they succeed easily.

Format :: digital
Location :: unfoundsoundrecords