Holden :: ambient (live on green air)

Where were you on last May 14th night ?
For my own, i regret not having a walk on the Volga river bank, and sit on the grass, under the trees for this first "live on green air", an open (and fresh) air project. Then here is the testimonial of Holden live set, as another reason of regretting, not having been there. Simply called :: ambient, this 30 minutes long piece is an opportunity to discover some precious tracks of Holden, great sound activist of Nizhny Novgorod and coordinator of the brilliant RatHole Project.
Structured around 4 main themes, and an "audio-recording fields-combined-mix" ended the release, :: ambient, oscillates from classical and quite elegant introduction scheme to darker and deeper technoïd temptation soundscapes, carried by an infinite science on the use of rhythm, the Volga banks must still remember this bass ... abyssal.
Let us turn over to walk again.

Format :: digital
Location :: dead rat records

Bazaar :: eden express

" … Les murs nus de l'univers reflètent les prodigieux actes de terrorisme burlesques. Le hasard, c'est la moindre des choses.
Et pourtant ! ... Nous sommes des métèques, des dégénérés, des désintégrés, des atomisés, des mutants, des exorcistes, des fumistes, des ramiers, des bon à nib. Alors nos dadas, nos hobbies-lubbies, nos tapages, nos épidémies, nos babas, nos parodies, notre vandalisme, nos mixages planétaires, nos mutations, bref ; on a déjà tout dit ... "

Not at the end of surprises ! … For this second cd object release, the EXtensive, Expanding Electronic Diversity new-yorker label (EED) and Bazaar have decided to welcome us with a negative picture representation of "l'heure de tous" a sculpture by Arman, usually presented on its positive version in the entrance of the parisian railway station, la gare Saint-Lazare. As for the first release ( eed 05 compilation) the artwork, designed by Fred DeBief & David Tagg, is still as originally beautiful (hand made), as the edition is ultra limited (50) - EED is usual of goldsmith work, a pretty cool approach for this :: eden Express.
Dedicated to first ( and only one ? ) french beat poet, Claude Pélieu works, :: eden EXpress is mmmh … let me see around … yes, that's it … :: eden EXpress is pro-ba-bly the most Ex-cited and highly concentrated source of AI (artistic intelligence) of the year, solid pleasures for whoever having the senses in awakening.
Opening with 'archipels mutilés', you are immediately taken through a dangerous density combination of reality and abstract suggestive flashy succession of scratching images extracted from a mental deviant tv monitor, Welcome ladies and gents !
'Boomerang' - perfect cut-up poem, as a precious sound-collagist, Bazaar has invited the old Claude friend, Bill, the ghosts of the Interzone are not very far … 'la rue est une rêve" seems to give some echo of temporary rest, a temptation of dancefloor … (on a volcano) strange game of appearances. 'Revolvers pavillons noirs', previously on EED 05 compilation, whirling reminiscence of a dreamed Tanger city. Here invents with blow of guns, the breath of a dark libertarian revolt. Not far of the dominant color of the preceeding track, 'Eden Express', heavy hammering revealing a turning aerial tune, harmony in construction quickly swept by an electric storm. 'le souterrain de velours' could have the out of date perfume of a vintage sm pulp novel, instigator of other famous musical adventures, if it were not there, impregnated by convulsions, fulgurating and tribal rhythmics.
Protean sound matter, with 'soupe de lézard', Bazaar draws up a sound inventory moving, imaginary jazz for daylife documentary film, profusion of images and vision criticizes sharp-edged. Lastly, with "retroviseurs' and ' daN the way lactée',:: eden EXpress is closing on two splendid musical combinations, ' retroviseur' where clash some flutes, tablas, pulsations, with a shivering dematerialized presence, 'Dans la voie lactée bleue' and its spectral intro, remote Qawwali, successive drones and whispers of voices carrying secrets.

:: eden EXpress - Not at the end of surprises ! …

Format :: cd
Location :: +Expanding Electronic Diversity
Website :: fdbf

* summer 1986. Central New York.
extracted from the book : Télé-Karma. " Claude Pélieu - Joël Hubaut "
editions de la C.R.E.M. Collection pronto Epidémia 47. 1991. Réville.

Loïs Laplace :: different parallel

Loïs Laplace - proposes us a quite curious exploration - different parallel - where it is a question of erosion, snow, and finally to appreciate not less than an infinite distance - organic mixture and successive of drones, mysterious rattling and impressive architectures monocordes - the result is declined in a pallet of grey, of liquid chromium, motionless rhythmic images.
:: different parallel has the ferocity of a rectilinear wall, the perfect aridity of a reducing perspective - disconcerting beauty.

Format :: digital
Location :: filament recordings
Website :: Loïs Laplace

This Mess Is Mine :: the week-end ep

I adore the tracklisting of this :: week-end ep ; 24 Hours Spoilt And Damaged, Like A Whale That Swims Through The Thames, All Quiet On The Western Front, The Sea One Boat A Lake The Sails, I Have An Elephant In My Pocket, Some Birds Sing Like Spring Is Coming Through My Window, ... splendid, no ? we sure want to better know what a guy with such beautiful titles, have put in there.
First the guy behind TMiM, Lars Kranholdt who, with Anne Bayer, under the name Anoïs have recently done a charming little pop release (Tracery On A Frosted Window) for ponirepublic, and then, have decide that "This mess is mine" could be better … alone.
Made on 2 days in last march, :: the week-end ep could easily be referred as folktronica if Lars Kranholdt had not taken the freedom to take other ways (and if possible short cuts) … beautiful exercice of freedom, a true rare quality ( and singularity) these days. is Lars Kranholdt only musician ...

this mess is mine !

Format :: digital
Location :: aerotone
Link :: a picture

Unit 21 :: september - october

New comer, originating from Nizhny Novgorod, new eldorado of the Russian experimentation with people like Holden and its rathole project, Stanislav Vdovin (Unit 21) makes a particularly remarkable entry in ambient soundscape. Built starting from samplings cracking vinyl out of age, the 4 tracks of:: september-october, are the demonstration of a very great atmospheric control as an undeniable direction of the composition. Beyond these invaluable qualities, Unit 21 is also extremely intelligently freed from this capacity to maintain these parts right in on this side surface of the reality, he knows what means the prefix : sub
A nice piece of work - welcome Unit 21.

Format :: digital
Location :: thinner autoplate

The Great Mundane :: duality ep

Do you want to be in a movie whose original score would be signed by this great mundane , Jeffrey Acciaioli ?
Here is the pitch - After a brilliant introduction (skip), or was it a fast announcement teaser, here are you now physically immersed in a mysterious and intriguant situation (disguising discomfort), maybe a running quest for suspended time. "No dumping in Jersey" jazzy tempo, great classicism in construction and always this undeniable talent of cinematic sound projectionism.
It is hardly if one distinguishes this "gallop" which looks more to heavy beat with that delicate tune of western guitar than we already set out again towards a "collecting rain", which does not have time to wet us, just a touch.
Return to an apparent calm, orientalish funky groove for those "bombs 2 buisness", that the curtain is already being closed again on "touching the past", inspired melancholic counting rhyme disappearing in a distant sound… or was it landscape . This film is definitely too short, The Great Mundane is a man in a hurry, we ask some more.

Format :: digital
Location :: belladonna records
Infos :: The Great Mundane

.at/on :: prostir

The roughness adepts, granular mixtures will regale themselves, invited to a jamming coded with perfume of hermetism. Gorged with evp, interferences, voluntary sound accidents, surgical turns crypto-disco music (X) … But :: Prostir (dimension in Ukrainian) is before an ep whose the matter is political, drawing our attention to the unbalances economic resources of the rich countries face to the Third World and “astonishing” the socio-economic blindness of G8. :: Prostir is there indeed synonymous of size, put in perspective for elements met that and resulting from our daily technological, that it is click' cuts, minimal or even glitch, [.at/on] brings us has to appreciate spectral rhythmics ones but ultra stimulative (y), so much so that one is surprised to accompany this rhythm by a swaying walk which would not betray the call of a post dancefloor temptation (sic…). We will not insist on the mystery maintained which surrounds patronym of [.at/on] originating from Kiev and author in addition of netaudios for Plex, 20kbps records, Nishi or Cifrarec.project. :: prostir is a very impressive project due once still, by Minusn, which makes the demonstration of sound as much high degree of musical quality as of its artistic requirement. They are thanked for it.

Format :: digital
Location :: minusn
Website :: .at/on

Takeshi Nakamura :: easy listening

In the continuity of :: ordinary days done at the beginning of year,
also at zymogen, the very productive Takeshi Nakamura invites us, not
without derision, to 31 minutes of :: easy listening declined in 6
"Wonderful" which opens this new opus, sorrow slightly to be
convinced in front of such an eminent predecessor such as "voices" on::
ordinary days. The first true success of this EP awaits us with the
second track, "I sink", intense swarming and laconic voice on an
acknowledgement of impotence monocorde. "cloud" invites us to an
abstraction enriched with the cut-up by the best effect. "defeat"
delivers some secrecies that thanks to an abandonment to variable
amplitude, not very convincing. "particle", innovative, probable
interlude enough not a certain disinterest of its creator, whom one
hopes for momentary finally the release is closed again on "sundial"
built on the concept of a progressive covering. Wasn't that "easy
listening" superfluous? perhaps, an error, altogether, without
consequence …

Format :: digital
Location :: zymogen
Website :: Takeshi Nakamura

Coldicus :: minimal [no] horowo

Through 30 collaborations with great artists such as Songraphie, or recently Aka.me, and today this Coldicus single, Otium have developed a pretty nice influence in electronic culture field. If there is a common qualification to all the releases of the label, it is indeed the requirement with which the sound is treated, and also… the image suitable for each one, and this :: minimal [no] horowo of Господин Coldicus does not derogate from the rule. In two tracks and maxi effectiveness, :: minimal [no] horowo offers, none without gravity, a soundscape which does not suffer from any failure, nor excessive ornament, a very professional work and an ideal concept for the rigorous practice of modernity.

Format :: digital
Location :: Otium

Dave Zeal :: pieces of the broken road

Deploy its talent in Less or a bit more than three minutes each, is not easy matter to achieve, and yet Dave Zeal made it with these 8 :: pieces of the broken road, second chapter of the album :: provisions for the restless hour for sine3pm netlabel, a traditional ambient made for the Russian downtempo label, top-40, a classicism of good taste , if it also did not conceal one of the most impressive and irrational passion track, an irresistible desire for howling of pleasure in front a "piece" from a duration of 2 minutes and 56 seconds. bad times for classicism, good times for the galaxy of insane furious … screamers.

Format :: digital
Location :: top-40 /
Link :: provisions for the restless hour

Stud :: I Saw The Future

Stud has opened the Pandora's box.
Between generative data processing and heavy industry :: I saw the future, surprises by an extreme concision, a bit too hermetically compact release and screen.
We should be wrong not to take in serious Alexey Devayin when he says that He saw the future. You now have to verify by your own.

Format :: digital
Location :: Kikapu
Website :: Stud

Milieu :: bent appletrees

Coming from various album sessions during the years 2004 to nowadays, those :: bent appletrees are a fruity opportunity to discover or rediscover the talent without pips of Brian Grainger. This album of 13 remastered outtakes is also a way to discover the elegant and experimentally inspired work of Decisive Sound.

Format :: digital
Location :: decisive sound
Website :: Milieu

Sticking Drops :: meteo ep

And so, the tube number 41 is looking at the sky … as the two members of Sticky Drops project are talking of contrasm.
Contrasm between the reality of sounds and its way to be generate, contrasm in the approach of creation for Lorenzo Tomio and Nicola Luchese, contrasm, contrasm everywhere …
The result is far from being stormy.
'pioggia' (beautiful italian word for 'rain') which opens the ep, is a sensitive hyperreal observation, feel this particular odor of wet hot tar by a stormy shower ?
'grandine' (hail) is made of this massive block bass sound, rolling on little perls after explosion, once again this particular impression of "a" reality evocation in the writing.
Then, this too short :: meteo ep closes on 'neve', a monochromatic larsen snow wind which fills all empty spaces, leaving you any possible lull.
Rain, Hail, Snow … don't forget it, prima di iniziare un'estate calda

Format :: digital
Location :: test tube
Website :: Sticking Drops

Martin Schulte :: mono ep

Even if, far from the vital minima, a track like "mono" is finally not revolutionizing the history of Die Muzika, with a big "D", a big "M" and a little "z" somewhere in the middle, it remains this so inspired "night", deaf lament in obscure bruitist background, ravelling reverberators on choked shootings maintained in abstraction as whirling as inaccessible - Martin Schulte can also place the bar rather high and it is not the least of his qualities.

Format :: digital
Location :: green rat records
Website :: Martin Schulte

Recue :: between stations ep

Far, we are far from the highlights of Helsinki (hello Miss and Tuomas), far from Rovaniemi and the green aurora borealis of the postcard pinned in the kitchen, not so far from the sea, we sure don't want to miss a ride and perhaps will lose our glance at the horizon of Pohjoissatama today, or maybe tomorrow.

"Between stations" is well named, release in motion, flying over huge mental landscapes, Riku Annala is the pilot of a travel agency, offering 4 stages and both appreciations on art to travel. Even if sometimes you can have a touristic stage on 'orchard rd.', a dancefloor temptation. Recue invites to rest and have a quiet harmonic reflexion (between stations). But it is now time to "come away with me"... now it's up to you to hear the call up

very sunny today, there, we are so far from Himanka.

Format :: digital
Location :: One
Website :: Recue