Recue :: between stations ep

Far, we are far from the highlights of Helsinki (hello Miss and Tuomas), far from Rovaniemi and the green aurora borealis of the postcard pinned in the kitchen, not so far from the sea, we sure don't want to miss a ride and perhaps will lose our glance at the horizon of Pohjoissatama today, or maybe tomorrow.

"Between stations" is well named, release in motion, flying over huge mental landscapes, Riku Annala is the pilot of a travel agency, offering 4 stages and both appreciations on art to travel. Even if sometimes you can have a touristic stage on 'orchard rd.', a dancefloor temptation. Recue invites to rest and have a quiet harmonic reflexion (between stations). But it is now time to "come away with me"... now it's up to you to hear the call up

very sunny today, there, we are so far from Himanka.

Format :: digital
Location :: One
Website :: Recue

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