This Mess Is Mine :: the week-end ep

I adore the tracklisting of this :: week-end ep ; 24 Hours Spoilt And Damaged, Like A Whale That Swims Through The Thames, All Quiet On The Western Front, The Sea One Boat A Lake The Sails, I Have An Elephant In My Pocket, Some Birds Sing Like Spring Is Coming Through My Window, ... splendid, no ? we sure want to better know what a guy with such beautiful titles, have put in there.
First the guy behind TMiM, Lars Kranholdt who, with Anne Bayer, under the name Anoïs have recently done a charming little pop release (Tracery On A Frosted Window) for ponirepublic, and then, have decide that "This mess is mine" could be better … alone.
Made on 2 days in last march, :: the week-end ep could easily be referred as folktronica if Lars Kranholdt had not taken the freedom to take other ways (and if possible short cuts) … beautiful exercice of freedom, a true rare quality ( and singularity) these days. is Lars Kranholdt only musician ...

this mess is mine !

Format :: digital
Location :: aerotone
Link :: a picture

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applejux a dit…

i specially like the third track here.
nice blog, keep it on.