Sticking Drops :: meteo ep

And so, the tube number 41 is looking at the sky … as the two members of Sticky Drops project are talking of contrasm.
Contrasm between the reality of sounds and its way to be generate, contrasm in the approach of creation for Lorenzo Tomio and Nicola Luchese, contrasm, contrasm everywhere …
The result is far from being stormy.
'pioggia' (beautiful italian word for 'rain') which opens the ep, is a sensitive hyperreal observation, feel this particular odor of wet hot tar by a stormy shower ?
'grandine' (hail) is made of this massive block bass sound, rolling on little perls after explosion, once again this particular impression of "a" reality evocation in the writing.
Then, this too short :: meteo ep closes on 'neve', a monochromatic larsen snow wind which fills all empty spaces, leaving you any possible lull.
Rain, Hail, Snow … don't forget it, prima di iniziare un'estate calda

Format :: digital
Location :: test tube
Website :: Sticking Drops

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