The Stringed Theory :: supersymmetry

Call it "super" if you mean that the importance of using "super"lative is a determinating element to appreciate the "tiny oscillating strings forming the basis of everything" around the corner of the ... universe. We will probably agree on, as The Stringed Theory is giving us the demonstration of a quiet interlacing of drones and layers, reducing outlook in a working drawing distance -
:: supersymmetry is also the result of intelligent cross features with the visual artist, xNoleet, renforcing the "graphic" spirit of the release - a sketchy masterstroke

Format :: digital
Location :: bump foot
Artwork :: xNoleet
Website :: The Stringed Theory

Various Artists :: close emulsions of the 7th kind


01. Dissolved :: polymer flood ignition illusion / source :: retropublik
02. Sardinia Bass Legalize :: nyahbinghi airlines / source :: aquietbump
03. Irish & Duff :: desire / source :: flamingo generation
04. Stephen Walter :: green shift / source :: zymogen
05. Doping Mozga :: mistake / source :: abdicate cell
06. Heezen :: secret speech / source :: 12rec
07. Ascalaphe :: camelonade / source :: kreislauf
08. Xedh :: the cube / + exclusive + source :: xedh
09. Mr. Modular :: as they descend / source :: moov
10. OCP :: atmos three / source :: serein
11. Edgeist :: magnesium / source :: abdicate cell
12. Ohrchitekt :: naschwerk / source :: pharmacom
13. El Senor Ciuf Ciuf :: two more rows / source :: 12rec

selection by thierry massard, mixed by Sven Swift - fevrier 2007

thanks to all artists, labels and thank you to thirteensongs

Format :: digital
Location :: thirteensongs

Multilink magazine :: volume 3 - issue 1

contents ::

studio browne + panda yoghurt + social fabric + ginormous + gregory euclide + fthr + simone sbarbati + tycho + systrum sistum

Format :: pdf magazine
Location :: Multilink

Various Artists :: fréquentes fréquences et autres pensées fugaces


01. Alkor :: sniezny kaloryfer / source :: kahvi
02. Baba Llaga :: television fantasma / source :: mahorka
03. Ascalaphe :: bahia / source :: kreislauf
04. PolarProject :: curved / source :: polarproject
05. Ijo :: play / source :: sutemos
06. Coldicus :: caress / source :: hw homework
07. Recue :: himanka (Plosive remix) / source :: one
08. Javier Rubio :: demarde / source :: addsensor
09. Alexandre Navarro :: tou / source :: standardklikmusic
10. Ceptual :: boundearth / source :: miasmah
11. Takeshi Nakamura :: inferior article 1 / source :: digitalbiotope
12. Denis Mati "Tio" :: mental parts / source :: hw homework

all tracks selected by thierry massard / mixed by applezup - fevrier 2007

thanks to all artists, labels and thank you to op3n

Format :: digital
Location :: op3n mixtape netlabel

The Kirbi :: marathon

compiling some tracks from the last 3 years and around releases such as ::anonymous synonym (album for laverna netlabel in 2004), ::trembling of the turbid in 2005, last year's album ::love for grasshoppers or today's new track : "marathon", following also the recent (and brilliant) contribution to the first compilation of hw homeworks netlabel, Denis Aleksandrovich Fomenko (aka The Kirbi) is giving us a very talented pallet of neo-classic tracks and this ::marathon ep is a real fine opportunity to discover a quite seductive artist - a classy stride !

Format :: digital
Location :: garganrecords
Blog :: The Kirbi
Website :: The Kirbi

please check also

:: the island of the unrealized hopes
Format :: digital
Location :: vorbic

Various Artists :: homeworks vol. 1 - we have different sounds

Marked by a certain formal classicism, this first compilation of the brilliant label of Murmansk, includes some imposing tracks such as :: “gravitation” of Les Unlogique - “manota” of Aromantra - “game over” of The Kirbi - “dream for new year” of Uior, or the "dead water“of Cut Fire Wood, and these tracks should not be ignored, or is it definitively necessary to have a very good reason - Although ...

Format :: digital
Location :: hw homework

±•¬.¬ :: - - - - - / CYP3A4

Composed and recorded by ±•¬.¬ (electronic musician based in Nancy, France) during the last two years , :: -----/ CYP3A4 reports of the intense interest from the author for other "states of mind and unknown place in imagination, unknown colours" and the result is not far from a real new soundscapes exploration, revealing a deep sense of sound colorism (6ini05) and a real hability to materialize a half-hidden fog (brum).
±•¬.¬ is also the real expressionnist craftsman on restitution of an amazing "groundA" earth's crust - "noname", which closes this "cytochrome" (word for CYP3A4) release, already allows us to hope a coming new “psycho ethno archeo" activities report.

Format :: digital
Location :: clinical archives
Link :: ±•¬.¬

aquarell :: lateral position

which are the concrete "weapons" of a seduction?
charisma ?
intelligence ?
beauty ?
talent ?
discretion ?
pace ?
elegance ?
delicacy ?
attention given to things ?
interest not pretends ?
one in particular, all these at once ?
if we don't give a certain attention, we can easily pass through these two formidables eclipses of named well, MM Christian Quast and Markus Newton - Aquarell refuses to marked a feature, and practices the art of elegant luminous opacity - the matter is marvelously distant but clearly marked.
A watercoloured weapon !

Format :: digital
Location :: kreislauf

Sergi Saldaña :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Petr Drkula :: surfaces

A confrontation, Petr Drkula welcomes you to an experience of one hour and twenty minutes, a confrontation on your own capacity to observate your mind and physical responses to a chamanic sound experience - dilatation, expansion, anamorphosis, and all the words you want, you are just in front of a hypnotic and evolutionary harmonic loop. Never the same never different, these ::surfaces are complex and multiples, but also absolutely enthralling.

Format :: digital
Location :: abdicate cell
Related :: shades of indian summer
Website :: Petr Drkula

Irish :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Mr.Modular :: stepseq jams/revenge, at last

That's terrible my dear friends, but that's a fact "we only lend to rich persons" … The very young netlabel moov is … very very very fortunate. Inaugurated a few days ago, and based on an interesting concept of a coming release, each month (audio+video), the new project of our recent questionnaire guest, Max Marlow, have all good reasons to feel lucky, happy, beautiful (and in good health) with this first reference :: Mr.Modular - stepseq jams/revenge, at last
A very shaped sound, sharp and intelligent construction, 11 supra-seductive tracks dominated by titles with so promising names : "pattern group toogle", "happy raver", "scream your mighty filter" or the pure electronica gem "as they descent", :: stepseq jams/revenge, at last, announces some great references to come, and beautiful days … as rich people, we now will supervise our interests.

Format :: digital
Location :: moov

Sardinia Bass Legalize :: sardinia bass legalize

Mainly inspired by the Sardegna island landscapes, King Kietu and Sensitivedub (aka Sardinia Bass Legalize) are the authors of the splendid dub-soundtrack of a road movie, panoramic camera in overflight with a few centimetres above the ground.
Sometimes desertic with orientalism imprint, never arid, these 6 minimalist refinements of SBL are, mostly convincing than any tourism office booklet.

Format :: digital
Location :: aquietbump
Website :: Sardinia Bass Legalize

Website :: Sardegna tourism-office

ID (irish+DUFF) :: IDEP

Emulsion vs. Hybridization ? as in a course of chemistry, let's observe the fundamentals (with a "s")
It should be admitted that, finally, the explosion of this fabulous hybridization of abstract hiphop did not have happened… a great disappointment for all those which could see in there a true opportunity for a growing old electronica. Then, depressed, heartbreaking Lex-NinjaTune-Anticon amateurs have gone away to other unknown pleasures. Anyway, here are coming good news for these, they can come back to enjoy this perfect "emulsion" between the japanese mechanical and ultra-lyrical flow of Duff and the sophisticated arrangments of its compatriot, Irie Yoshihisa (aka IRISH).
Opening on a half success track "black sun swing" (a bit too hiphop over-produced) the ep is coming on very sensitive bleep conjunction ("cell") and "desire” will certainly see breaking down any resistance. "ツツマレテク" (tsutsumareteku) confirms a kind of quintessence of the incur emulsion. Funny how "love me" is giving us the choice between pure and sentimental feelings and mmh … other love ways. The ::ID ep is closing on a "bonus beats" which have some great difficulties in hide the melodic digression of which we know, that Irish is so fond of delicacies.

Format :: digital
Location :: flamingo generation
Blog :: Irish
Blog :: DUFF

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