SinQ :: passage

i like to know it better, i like to know it better before talking about this april's netaudio from Monotonik. Just a few listens and i just want to share this first lp of dutch musician Sinq (aka Sander van Orischot) with this authority feeling and voice of those who know that "i found a record, man, you sure have to listen it and you'll be thankful for the rest of the days …" Now if you wish a bit of pragmatism and musical encyclopedia, we are here at crossed ways of some Trip Hop, ambient stuff, but sorry, i'm not a great genres fan, then rather let speak about a deaf melancholy, kid voices playing in sepia soundscape, jazz tune harmony with some moderated samples from pianist Jeroen Van Vliet, a touch of Verdi's Nabucco far behind (Port Aventura), distant delicate voices of some nostalgia (be brave). As its artwork, this netaudio is full of photos yellowed by the years, a "passage" in time and souvenirs. Then to paraphrase some tracks, who's afraid of that? if we are still there.

Format :: digital
Location :: Monotonik
Website :: SinQ

Depth Affect :: arche-lymb

Striking happiness, wobbly pleasure are the words, abstract hip hop is the genre, Depth Affect is the band, and :: Arche-Lymb, the album which possibly makes speak about itself still for a long time. Was all known as?

Format :: cd
Label :: autres directions in music
Previous netaudio release :: mesquin ep - nov. 2003

Jive Biquette :: 11

From glitch to proto-hardcore, with a touch of disproportion, the eleven tracks of "11" are variegated and composites. With an undeniable taste for cinematographic writing and mental soundscapes, Jive Biquette preserves a certain taste for cut-ups, sound joining and (ironic ?) references, such as André Malraux voice (track 04), or punk icon, Poly Styren opening track 05. "11" is also the place of some great collaborations, as the one with contemporary artist Joël Hubaut, who also has signed the artwork. Then remains this weird evocation of sept.11, subtitling "live in Calais", another mysterious way, that I like it to give up by having another go to the splendid "track 06".

Format :: cd
Location :: Jive Biquette

Lezrod :: data transfer

First is the summary of the previous episodes. If you have unfortunately miss the first Zymogen contribution of Lezrod "retorno a la nada", i have the regret to inform you simply have passed through one of the best release of 2005 ( but it is not too late to check it ). Then, here it is "Data Transfer", a netaudio release which opens, for the first time in the short history of the label, a second collaboration with an artist. You probably imagine a possible comparaison with the previous release, it will be a wrong way as Lezrod have chosen the delicate exercice of plural collaborations. Mainly with the homing device Darren McClure, Fgmcvp for whom David Velez (Lezrod) have done remixes, Stephen Walter or electronica artist Gurdonark, this "Data transfer" is very well entitled as the tracks seem so easily "transferable" for the artists working on, a real successful collaboration from the man of Bogotà with his guests, as a sort of enriching friendship. Then, of course, it is finally possible to have a special interest for one or another track ( 'jas" which opens the album, is perhaps the most emblematic), but we never feel this sort of step on interest we usually have in those productions.
Lezrod have called them "data" … or was it a "harmonic data" transfer ?
Last advice, please check it before next year …

Format :: digital
Location :: zymogen
Website :: LezBlog

and some selected works of

Darren McClure ::
Standard Klik Music
Gurdonark ::
Open source audio
Stephen Walter ::

Norman Fairbanks :: graceland ep

it is still very early in the morning, and i am listening to :: graceland ep, the new Norman Fairbanks for Test tube. The sky is bright white as those in the pictures on Norman website and artwork. Nothing is moving around yet, except some (i'm living close to the sea) seagulls turning and going from a roof to another. A quick glance on the tracklist, pch1 - mystified (a probable index for an investigation which will not happened, it is too early) - 90026 - graceland (who still cares) then, what remains of these 4 tracks ? an indefinable charm ? an air tune of guitar (mystified) ? Yes, it seems that it is partly a question of air in there, but a car is passing in the street and my thought with ... now "graceland" wakes me up from my torpor, and i simply still want to play it again. Norman Fairbanks hides behind a certain vacuity of things, just call it : elegance.

Format :: digital
Location :: Test Tube
Website :: Norman Fairbanks

Kenneth Kirschner :: august 10, 2005

After releases such as the recent (and brilliant) Karras :: Fernen, EKOnetlabel continues its collaborations and investigations on immateriality and soundscapes with New-yorker artist Kenneth Kirschner. Probably faithful to the work of the conceptual artist On Kawara, or more simply eager of a permanent chronology of its own work (based on indeterminate music approach) Kirschner gives us a date, "August 10, 2005", a date well far from the state of unconcern of the summer season. The result is a 21 minutes 52 seconds massive and atmospheric inspired piece that we could, certainly imagine out on a summer hit, still would be first necessary that the professionals of the joy of life in tube, take some remedial courses …

Format :: digital
Location :: eko

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk :: eingang nach draußen

"Eingang Nach Draußen" means "Entrance after outside" ...
Das Kraftuttermischwerk proves that dub can be mainstream, appropriate, easily tempting, smooth and sad cause so deeply blank, and Carl Martin (Transient), called for a remix track has the greatest difficulties to change the things in there.

Format :: digital
Location :: Thinner

BRTLMN :: makes body cold

I don't know why, these days i am really fond of some release titles, see that :: MAKES BODY COLD, the second and new release of BRTLMN (aka W.Adams) for EED (inaugurating a brand new website), isn't it a significant and promising title ? Then, what is behind this human ice cream title and hairy frontcover ? in fact, i simply do NOT want to answer and i would like to add, clear up you with your capacity to explore some unconventional little practised musical paths. Iconoclast, BRTLMN is presented as a "singular" artist, and in this particular case, singularity is synonymous of audacity, bizarrery, seal, whim, character, knack, cocassery, drolery, strangeness, eccentricity, dark exoticism, imagination, boldness, independence, individuality, nonconformism, innovation, original, paradox, particularism, characteristic, personality, pricking, picturesque, style, unicity … and i have promised not to answer, but please first check "Thunder God" cid, awesome !

Format :: digital
Location :: +Expanding Electronic Diversity

Daniel Maze :: skuba

A few days after the acceptable but finally forgettable "elementary ep", Daniel Maze is giving us :: Skuba, 5 ambient tracks for the electronic label, Standard klik music. Faithful to ambient spirit on construction, Maze developps interestings "granular" atmospheres ( blinded by the sun ) then confirms this interest on textures and coming rythmics drones with the major piece of the release "foodcourt". After a classic "needles", :: Skuba ends with two colored different tracks called "something", one blue and the other green, and as usual, primary color wins …

Format :: digital
Location :: Standard Klik Music

Tania Mouraud :: ballad n°1 (Mobile snapshots from Paris and Vierzon)

Also projecting it is, also icy or extreme it is, also soft or scented is it, also repulsive, addictive, mobile, misleading and morbid it is, also cynical are sometimes its followers and his decoding... Reality is there, right in front of you and me, perceptible and unanimous, at the end of the camera objectives of Tania Mouraud, like a slow approach without end.
Then, more than a strict spectator of life, these images give us the questions on, not the answers.

Format :: video
Location :: Tania Mouraud Blog