Max Marlow :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the "original questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Xedh :: Composition in red

- as a need to return to mental language
- d'abord il y a cette irrépressible envie de revenir au langage mental.
dédale de notes manuscrites diverses / pensées fugaces, vagues impressions initiales puis l'oubli instantané
- esta necesidad de volver de nuevo a mi lengua materna, a cada momento de confrontación a esta realización

the word is said - confrontation, or was it the other one, ambitious, from the (good) words of camomille presentation - ambitious … this terrible word, which sometimes exerts a repulsive fascination.
There is this amplitude, the density of a formal, un-narrative suggestion of reality filtered through the abstractive prism of Xedh composition, and these constant calls to break up, if you definitively refuse to look beyond.

Impassibility - la fuerza de la pasividad? as a "half" invitation to join in, Sara Paniagua introduces us, with an absolute skill, to 4 beautiful readings of the Miguel A. García vision. half invitation ? yes, as a refusal to any voyeurist intrusion, these videos seem to materialize a frontier between two concrete realities - one and main on the screen, as an initiatic advance, a reality highly transfigured through the combined presence of Anna Vila Serra costumes, reinforcing, at his best, this border (edge) between two worlds and another reality (duality) all populated by human ghost-tourists (whom strangely look like us) sauntering without apparent purpose.

::composition in red is undoubtedly a major work in the course of Xedh, as much as a premise mutation to new forms of exploration for a netculture and scene, removed from any format nostalgia.

* And finally, there is the glance of this woman who is posed intensely on you before she very slowly closes again the eyelids - ultimate introspective fold? Renouncement like an art...
* Et enfin, il y a le regard de cette femme qui se pose intensément sur vous avant qu'elle ne referme très lentement les paupières - ultime repli introspectif ? le renoncement comme un art …
* Y finalmente, hay la mirada de esta mujer que se plantea intensamente sobre ustedes antes de que vuelva a cerrar muy lentamente los párpados - último repliegue introspectivo? la renuncia como un arte …

*ref. video 1 / 03:40-03:55

Format :: digital / audio+video
Location :: camomille
Blog :: Xedh
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traducción española aproximada con los servicios de systran

Dissolved :: pyritized ray stories

Except the artwork, at the very least debatable, is it necessary to be ablaze to enjoy at their Just and valorous natural, this ray of the gold of insane and all these stories which they hawk ?
the answer is yes !
Yes, and if you are not used to give your unconditional feelings to generosity and luxuriance, you will probably have some reason to go away from this release, and why not also from these words … checked !

Format :: digital
Location :: retropublik
Website :: Dissolved

thanks to isc.cnrs for the "ablaze" translation

Stephen Walter :: monocline

Far from ::das interspects or ::recapulatory (both for Retropublik), far also from last year's collaboration with David Velez (::data transfer of Lezrod for zym.) is coming this album of Stephen Walter, a release inaugurating a "conceptual mutation" for the label of Modena. Yes, it should be said , through the "poeticlinical" camera objectives of Mario Aldovini, we were used to move in some botanical mental walks, looking sometimes to rare growing plants under the beneficent protection of glasshouses in form of jewel cases … Then now are coming the minerality times for zymogen (with a nice contribution of Laurent Batailley), and Stephen Walter is the first craftsman invited to this new approach on things.
Abstraction and cold fusion (by opposite to the traditional scheme) seem to be the main abjectives and qualities which come first on mind through ::monocline, and "new heart" which opens the release is a slow imersion in apparent traditional ambient soundscapes. Like a second layer with the general matter, “red shift”, which follows, reinforces this feeling of descriptive slow dematerialization. No time to come back (where?) , impresses with solemnity, "tone" invits us to go deeper. Then from now, one thing is certain, nobody will remain insensitive with the mostly impressive and enigmatic density of “green shift” opening a second phase, and introducing two "section ", where we cross some reminiscences of reality posed on a particularly emotional harmonic texture, delicately interweaving. "before you eyes" still plays with some emotional figures, as an overflight with telescopic glance. Then "rising" which is ending the netaudio, is a kind of revelation, the result of an introspective "emulsion" of senses and, from now, so far from any archaeological or sedimentary layers.

the first beautiful stone in a beautiful garden.

Format :: digital
Location :: zymogen

Doping Mozga :: echoes ep

It is through a becoming Third I, that re-appears this ::echoes ep of Doping Mozga and it is a pure winter delight. A delight all made of a coming "aurora borealis" sheeted in an evanescent worthy gleam, a delight which innocently takes you on board of a technoid temptation "minute space travel", a delight which unfortunately ends on a "mistake", vintage attitude. Once again, with a certain lightness of heart and pointed taste, Abdicate Cell confirms our interest and yours, we now hope

Format :: digital
Location :: abdicate cell
Blog :: Helly Cherry

Red Unit :: arrival

"arrival" which opens this new release of Red Unit, "resembles" a bit too much to the classic's Brian Eno, track "fractal zoom". Red Unit probably forgot to signal that it is about a "tribute" ...
Anyway, here are the reference of the original album ::

Artist :: Brian Eno
Title :: Nerve Net
Art and design :: Brian Eno & Wordsalad
Date of release :: 1992

Format :: cd
copyRights :: yes
Location :: all saints

Due to our relevant interest to rediscover the original, we finally have abandoned the idea and care to listen to the continuation of the Red Unit release.

Format :: digital
Location :: quiet lounge

Ohrchitekt :: klappe die zwote

it is impossible, nor moreover reasonable, to remain insensitive
more than a few seconds to the evolutive sound in building of Ohrchitekt,
you like or hate it immediately … we have chosen

Format :: digital
Location :: pharmacom records
Website :: Ohrchitekt

Sleepy Town Manufacture : inspired by you

warm and familiar, some too rare sensations.

Format :: digital
Location :: sutemos
Website :: Sleepy Town Manufacture

ascalaphe :: home trips

is "bleeding minarets" one of the most important track of these strange times ?

Awakening or societal report, :: home trips is an album which, by evidence, goes beyond the only musical medium and it is quite comforting to imagine the positive consequences of the reflexions caused by such release.

Format :: digital
Location :: kreislauf label
Website :: fdbf
the questionnaire :: Fred Debief