Xedh :: rencloser ep

Release after release, easily, Miguel Ángel García confirms…
Xedh confirms by planting an enormous (rusted) nail in the allegedly apocalyptic landscape of the modern industry of sounds assembly.
Heir of a certain oldschool tradition (and not least) , the man of Bilbao dismantles some musical commonplaces for better building a singular work which takes all his actual relevance -
disturbed (phil)harmonic (zelenoe) , lyric but bruitist (katarakt) and even chorus disruptive (rencloser) , once again with this netaudio, Xedh builds, with talent, an important work.
Somewhere, beyond the Pyrenees, someone is becoming a great figure of music.

Format :: digital
Location :: picomedia
Website :: Xedh

v and r :: Xedh - sort:zen
v and r :: Baba Llaga - el ultimo viaje de vasilissa

Phoenelai :: the findings

les résultats ? i must say, I don't like it …
I don't like that title … :: the findings wear an awful french translation name :: les résultats, a generic word which means someting like " what arrives, which occurs after and like effect of something …" so i'll better try to keep the original title name as its particular meaning of something that you discover through or after a specific personal progression (or not)
:: the findings of Phoenelai is a very discreet release, but take care, bewitchment is immediate (the findings) our curiosity is abused by micro-confusions (passage) of some distant imaginery soundscape.
with track like "derived" :: the findings is troublemaking, or are we in some frank attempt to put forward the infinitesimal, rubbish sound particules and satellites of pure perception which have finally found some great reason to believe on their own existence, "flux rtrns" confirms the investigation.
short breath and micro-bleeps on textura layer (grains1), Phoenelai closes the release in the most relevant way :: switch off !
ps :: i have forgotten one important thing , since first listening, i am irremediably addicted to that track "getnik2"
once again ?

Format :: digital
Location :: sonic squirrel
Website :: Phoenelai

Juergen Rieger (PolarProject) :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Edgeist :: Landmass

After a first and promising ep, called "spiral", for picomedia netlab,
Edgeist, a very kind boy, is bringing us a new basket of delicacies,
4 deliciously industrial sweets and 3 dark ambient softnesses for our great … sense of well-being.
7 essential pieces to your the best modern comfort ::
"crack (one)" announces some serious architectural modification of our environment
"shore" is very clearly accelerate the movement general of some cellular geography (brilliant)
"crack (two)" invites to note the result of neuronal modifications through a gas mask, not approved.
"plate" pushes us on a particularly sound slope slipping and with the many noisy asperities.
"magnesium", inaugurating the ambient serie of tracks in “ium”, is hypnotic and without illusion - crepuscular and inspired.
“aluminium” starts a hammering without real hope but inspired as much than its predecessor
“sodium” finally, impresses of a spectral harmony, closes a brilliant demonstration of an accomplished talent.

Landmass - ideal for your house

Format :: digital
Location :: adbicate cell
Website :: Edgeist

Red Hot Wok :: phnom penh pimps

crossing the greyness, the pouring rain and the closed faces …
3 technoid ufos from Cambodia
3 maximal accelerations with bright whiteness

transgenic and essential !

Format :: digital
Location :: quiet lounge

lacunas, autumnal overviews and ...

Ceptual :: shifts personal
Format :: digital
Location :: miasmah
Grazie Luca

ZooGoo :: zoogoo
Format :: digital
Location :: you are not stealing records
Grazie Filippo

... silent reviews

GQBN :: hydrophobic strings

optimal effect !
QGBN is a baroque - steroid positive - ensemble, particularly well defended by the researcher heads of Mimi records.
Apparently lipophilic, these "strings" are however, likely to cause an enthusiasm enough … permeable.

Format :: digital
Location :: mimi records

Funkzelle :: day day ep

Funkzelle have unstoppable argumentation and sincerly i should like to have some instructions … i want instructions to resist to a tracks like "complex" which opens this second release of ccrec recent label.
i want some great advices (or meds?) to resist to the sound tyranny of "day day" which closes the release.
And between these, "friends" doesn't refute our growing interest and finally, only "lunatic" has some difficulty to keep its moon commitments - just wait for another day-daybreak

Format :: digital
Location :: clear-cut-records

SM :: artificials horizons

The :: artificials horizons of SM are finally not so ... distant - a release to discover in the half-light of a november ending afternoon.
A nice classical timeless writing, with many qualities (sanskrit)
:: artificial horizons are just waiting for benevolent ears and some precious mental vacuity, a luxury ?

Format :: digital
Location :: electrosound

Cut Fire Wood :: can here mushrooms grow

an idm-electronica without complex and fixedly looking at cathartic and gloomy reminiscences.
That inspired ep would almost gives desire to have a walk in the woods, at falling night.

Format :: digital
Location :: hw homework

Robert Henke :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

ocp :: safe sex, some drugs and no rock'n'roll

passed the little cynical pastiche, this ep of João Ricardo is a real successfully fine combination of four engraved tracks. The technoid charm is continuous and residual, surely … all my brain and body need.

Format :: digital
Location :: plastic4records - archive
Website :: ocp
Blog :: ocp

Siegmar Fricke :: medical soundscapes

If you have dreamed, for years, of 'Fantastic Voyage', the 1966 Richard Fleischer's cult movie.
Your dream now comes true.
take care, oldness has only a time ...

Format :: digital
Location :: subsource