Loscil :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Daniel Maze :: avatar

we dream of such avatars… flexible (statik gras flok)
we dream of evolutive drones (avatar)
we, so easily, fall in love (one the farm) that we should almost doubt about our fidelity
we appreciate the air distance (flamingo will mantra) and their traditional ambient layers
and finally, we regret not having observed it publicly (acid test)
or maybe was it an illusion ? an … avatar ?

Format :: digital
Location :: rest-label
Website :: Daniel Maze

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Rich.vom.Dorf. :: i hate the tv (ep)

1) watching television everyday, switching on an feeling ok …
2) i don't understand why i should pay a fee for something that i hate and don't want to see …
3) zapping around up and down …
the message is perfectly clear and the demonstration is pure limpidity, Rich.vom.Dorf invits to think about.
free will makes sense.

Format :: digital
Location :: inoquo
Website :: Rich.vom.Dorf

Esbende Washlavok :: #00

After having taken some objective distances with a netlabel which have great difficulties to accept any critic on some hypothetic and unconsequent recent release, it is good to note an only one artistic choice as relevant as this very interesting 46 minutes and 46 seconds track. Simply entitled #00, this one piece of the musician, Esbende Washlovak, gives again an obvious coherence to EED, which apparently likes to frighten itself …

Produced with opened windows on the street, #00 seems nourished with a sort of abyssal consciousness of the ordinary life, an impressive setting in prospect for the daily reality - #00 is also an experiment which can appear as trauma and then, wake up some internally interrogations, some unexplored visions to our direct report at our environment - as much to say that we are, there, far enough from a simple stage setting of an "ordinary" recording field - inspired !

Format :: digital
Location :: eed

cHristian negre i walczak (aka applejux - applezup) :: the questionnaire

::the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Fuga Idearum :: fugacities

Vladislav Petrov (fuga idearum) from Saint Petersburg is rich !
This guy should deserved that we kidnap his so beautiful mind against an astronomical ransom …
from the terribly addictive "eskiz pustoy sezny", from the ethno-cyclic echo of "preodolenie preodolenija", from the fine expressionnist "son s otkritoy dverju", the close disconcerting presence of "Konez Igry" journey, the quite personal mottos and tunes of "epigraph", the conclusive interlude of "Sluchai V Sadu", and then finally, "pustoy vecher" full of these remote reminiscences of a dreamed koto.
So much life 'fugacities' in such a small spacetime,
yes, Fuga Idearum is rich
and that should be forbidden to be so meaningful, so significant …

Format :: digital
Location :: otium

Gate Zero :: coded dream ep

( broadband noise ) Simple things are better things.
( coded dream ) Please don't look further, here is the better chill out place.
( the last step to the abyss ) The first better one in a cinematographic unknown landscape.
( quiet fear ) a real suspicion or better ?

Format :: digital
Location :: belladonna records
Website :: Gate Zero

Max Richter :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Denis Mati :: autumn (ep)

Pure product of has very high artistic intelligence:: autumn of Denis Mati, followed upon a preceding collaboration (:: internal fog) with the very accurate label of Murmansk, which then also confirms an exceptional … autumn (and let me invit you to check the splendid last release of Coldicus :: easy love/hard feel).
Denis Mati is an hybrid sound collagist, sometimes manipulating ambient soundscapes as a "rough" material, but always keeping in mind this beautiful perspective of innocence.
Denis Mati is also the author of a Masterpiece called :: mental parts.

Format :: digital
Location :: hw homework
Blog :: Denis Mati

Laurent Batailley :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Fern :: this first day

an enigma … this release is a complete enigma. Since the beginning of this week, i try to understand … understand then by far, interpret my global interest for this early day but, such as water passing through the fingers, the enigma is still there - a secret monolith. Yes, this "first day" is a monolithic enigma beauty with whom you learn to live everyday. The simple and ordinary complicity of each moment.
But anyway, before starts this "normality" was :: this first day.
As on this evident subjective and quite relative revelation, i don't want to give you the impression of a personal lack of courtesy, i just like to add that this one day old new paddle is simply all right for me.
Now, what about you ?

Format :: digital
Location :: thinner/autoplate

Website :: Fern dj team

various artists :: glasshouse #01

Thus, we finally have in hands the first hardcopy and tenth reference of the Modena label …
It is, we easily imagine, an important moment, because the first off-line excursion for a netlabel with a great recognized requirement.
Then now, is the question :: welcome in the real world zymogen ? … the answer is making absolute no doubt.
Between concept album or an obvious will of representation of the activities of the label, this release can easily make lie these points of view, so much it has a real coherence, :: glasshouse 01 is of those rare compilations from which we refuse to distinguish such participant or such other - this unit is partly due to the excellent graphic work of sunisbetterthanmoney, to the beautiful and now usual images of Mario Aldovini, due to the suggestive immersion of the tracklist and well on, due with the high behaviour of the guest-list :: Ibakusha - D'incise - Takeshi Nakamura - Lezrod.
Suggestive immersion? yes, Filippo Aldovini has it seems, have privileged a progression tactic on, and that does not have been so easy, as so much these artists compete in the excellence and the multiplicity of their matter. Thus ibakusha surreptitiously takes us on board, in some soundscapes where sometimes we perceive an aural signal inviting us to the back return - too late!
D'incise offers to us "un bouquet de fleurs fanées c'est si joli" … et tellement vrai (and so true)
Nakamura continues with a “subtraction” which in fact, hides an authentic and beautiful sub-abstraction.
Finally, Lezrod closes the door of the glasshouse in a flow and a backward flow of tearing sound layers of particles in search of skeletal and late harmony, this “xx” is … XXL.

Off or On, zymogen is a very precious line to follow.


Ainsi donc, avons-nous enfin entre les mains la première hard-copie et dixième référence du label de Modène …
C'est, nous l'imaginons aisément, un moment important car la première excursion off-line pour un netlabel à l'exigence reconnue.
Alors maintenant, la question est-elle :: welcome in the real world zymogen ? … la réponse ne fait absolument aucun doute.
Entre concept album ou une évidente volonté de représentativité des activités du label, cette réalisation peut facilement faire mentir ces points de vue, tant elle a une réelle cohérence, :: glasshouse 01 est de ces rares compilations dont on refuse de distinguer tel participant ou tel autre - cette unité est en partie due à l'excellent travail graphique de sunisbetterthanmoney, aux belles images désormais coutumières de Mario Aldovini, à l'immersion suggestive de la tracklist et bien sur à la haute tenue de la guest-list :: ibakusha - d'incise - takeshi nakamura - lezrod. Immersion suggestive ? oui, Filippo Aldovini a semble-t'il privilègié une tactique de progression et cela n'a pas du être facile, tant ces artistes rivalisent dans l'excellence et la multiplicité de leur propos. Ainsi Ibakusha nous embarque subrepticement dans quelques soundscapes où parfois l'on perçoit un signal sonore nous invitant au retour arrière - trop tard !
D'incise nous offre "un bouquet de fleurs fanées c'est si joli" … et tellement vrai (and so true)
Nakamura poursuit avec un "subtraction" qui cache en fait une authentique et belle sub-abstraction.
Lezrod enfin, referme la porte de la serre dans un flux et un reflux de déchirantes nappes de particules sonores en quête d'une squelettique et tardive harmonie, ce "xx" est … XXL.

Qu'elle soit "Off" ou "On", zymogen est une très précieuse "line" à suivre.

format :: cd / digital
Location :: zymogen

Mogwai :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

PolarProject :: remember ep

If nobody doesn't take care, 06 can easily becomes the Polar Project year. The recent arrival of a brand new version of the website of the originally variable geometric duo of Frankfurt, but finally and mainly a solo project of Juergen Rieger, confirms a growing interest for this inspired personality, mainly haunting urban post-human landscapes than "little house in the prairie". This recent actuality is the opportunity for a few words on :: remember ep, which was coming there before this blog - then, to be perfectly honest, i will have some difficulties to say that this too short ep is pure rubbish, as those 3 tracks are the exact mirror of hybrid feelings on a very high perception of reality. This is the main force and great talent of Polar Project who sometimes goes in the same playground area as the absolute venerated Dusseldorf's cyclists. Juergen Rieger has a magic pallet to decrypt the rigidity of things (close your eyes) but as the difference, with the robots, he transports this one in a tiny bag, that one that carries the true nomads.

Format :: digital
Location :: remember ep
Website :: PolarProject

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Video :: just disappear - courtesy of filament recordings

K.M. Krebs :: fog sequences

All made through unpredictable distortion effects generated from a fm drone generator, those :: fog sequences have a highly strange density - Krebs puts at evil the particulate character of the moisture of the “fog” to give it this kind of arid and perturbing magnetic electricity. The load is particularly strong.

Format :: digital
Location :: treetrunk records
Website :: Kevin M.Krebs

Szajner :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

Ahasverus :: the destiny of fabian kazmierski

Difficult not to draw up a relationship between the myth of the wandering Jew (Ahasverus) and this release as much mythical:: the destiny of Fabian Kazmierski. Henrik Summanen (the man behind Ahasverus project) is undoubtedly a major archaeologist of the short cuts. It is true that museums are often places where myth and reality do particularly are on to a good thing. Ahasverus is brilliant there in art to scramble the tracks. Then, I let you discover this strange adventure of Fabian Kamierski through the presentation text of Protoplazma, as we are now entering into dark and deep landscapes. This destiny is all made of beauty that hurts, sometimes threatening (three shadows) sometimes mesmerize (river bank) and there will be no respite. 8 pieces of this emotional impact which leaves you without voice - do not pass beside.

Format :: digital
Location :: protoplazma
Website :: Ahasverus

Takeshi Nakamura :: the questionnaire

:: This portrait is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890

Javier Rubio :: hi%

"La obsesión por el control del ambiente" … Second after second, Javier Rubio confirms, ::hi% practices the solidification of atmosphere(S), as others make sculpture, appreciation of the quality of matters, combined environment with an exceptional sensory perception -:: hi% is also and finally, the place where we can discover the absolute happiness which constitutes the track "estez".
Debe tener ? sí definitivo !

Format :: digital
Location :: ++sensor
thanks to hOus3s at minifú

Laurent Batailley :: the black dog - end of time

can you immediately feel this particular touch with some magnetic velvet particles, slightly thorny asperities shaving the end of your fingers ?
Can you breathe an air satured with some organic emanations of a vegetable gas ? Then, seized by some shiver, try to imagine the most splendid toboggan whirling in an infinite greenery.
Magic and so real, this musician is a photographer, or is it the contrary ?
who cares …

Format :: photography
Location :: the black dog - end of time
Website :: Laurent Batailley

Sven Swift :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.

various artists :: intelligent toys 3

"In front of your eyes you have the third part of the most successful Intelligent Toys compilation series. During these 3 years Intelligent Toys 2 has become the best representative of Sutemos.net and it remains not only the most popular release of our net label but also one of the most popular virtual compilations of electronic music in the world."

… so this "most popular virtual compilation of electronic music in the world" should be that post-Boards of Canada, Plaid pale copy of tepid and uninspired tracks from some grandly interesting artists ? The sutemos modest guys have really to wake up from their lukewarm torpor, these :: intelligent toys 3 has a sad taste of "déjà-vu", just broke them ! and let us just call that, a fastly forgotten faux-pas.

Format :: digital
Location : sutemos

Isuzu Kochiwa :: disassembling the molecules

Sigmar Polke, Holbein, Martin Kippenberger, Hans Richter, Shrigley, Marcel Duchamp, O'Helen, De Koonig, Magritte, Velasquez, Durer, Reinhardt, George Baselitz, Degas, Warhol, Monet, Tuymans or Anselm Kiefer …
What is the difference between all these artists in the hands of Isuzu Kochiwa ?
They all become particularly tedious.
I do not thank you Mister Kochiwa …

Format :: digital
Location :: birdsong

various artists :: OIO

We often show "some" reviewers being talkative ... That is absolutely right, but we can also say that compilations are not the best exercice to be quite succinctness, as we have to share so many items such as the general concept of the release (if there is one), all the details concerning each guest of the compilation (new comer in the label, a new direction for some artist …). In fact, being "succintness reviewer of compilation" is not an easy job … And so, concerning this OIO serein release, i have challenged myself being the more concise possible :: just a word … for each
Concept :: yes
Artwork :: nice
Artists :: nic(n)e
1 . marcel türkowsky - kuro sawa :: … snug
2 . herzog - perhaps she'd like to see me fall apart :: … highlight
3 . stephane leonard - wanna be :: … inspired (faith)
4 . huw roberts - a dolce in sun :: … acuity
5 . mark templeton - further to speak :: … meander
6 . 1000 hours of staring - north :: … busy
7 . stephane leonard - do you wander ? :: … tune
8 . muhr - l'écoulement :: … risky
9 . yannick franck and olivier pé - #004 :: … ionizing
in a protean word, OIO is snug-highlight-inspired-acuity-meander-busy-tune-risky-impalpable and … recommended !

Format :: digital
Location :: serein
Info :: serein is also guest of multilink magazine / new issue - vol.2 : issue 3

Fred Debief :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of Marcel Proust", created by Antoinette Faure around 1890.