Fuga Idearum :: fugacities

Vladislav Petrov (fuga idearum) from Saint Petersburg is rich !
This guy should deserved that we kidnap his so beautiful mind against an astronomical ransom …
from the terribly addictive "eskiz pustoy sezny", from the ethno-cyclic echo of "preodolenie preodolenija", from the fine expressionnist "son s otkritoy dverju", the close disconcerting presence of "Konez Igry" journey, the quite personal mottos and tunes of "epigraph", the conclusive interlude of "Sluchai V Sadu", and then finally, "pustoy vecher" full of these remote reminiscences of a dreamed koto.
So much life 'fugacities' in such a small spacetime,
yes, Fuga Idearum is rich
and that should be forbidden to be so meaningful, so significant …

Format :: digital
Location :: otium

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