Laurent Batailley :: the black dog - end of time

can you immediately feel this particular touch with some magnetic velvet particles, slightly thorny asperities shaving the end of your fingers ?
Can you breathe an air satured with some organic emanations of a vegetable gas ? Then, seized by some shiver, try to imagine the most splendid toboggan whirling in an infinite greenery.
Magic and so real, this musician is a photographer, or is it the contrary ?
who cares …

Format :: photography
Location :: the black dog - end of time
Website :: Laurent Batailley

1 commentaire:

NatBateman a dit…

What I feel is that with time, the relationship between imaginery or real mental images and music has become more and more obvious in electronic music. While listening, I always "see". And if I don't see, something is missing to the whole beauty.

This green vegetal picture has a disturbing "unreal" beauty, so real in fact that it becomes "too" real and go over its true representation to open new meanings and other considerations of the environment. Or am I the only one to imagine I'm in a tiny spaceship, not bigger than an ant going among this green gigantic world?