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If nobody doesn't take care, 06 can easily becomes the Polar Project year. The recent arrival of a brand new version of the website of the originally variable geometric duo of Frankfurt, but finally and mainly a solo project of Juergen Rieger, confirms a growing interest for this inspired personality, mainly haunting urban post-human landscapes than "little house in the prairie". This recent actuality is the opportunity for a few words on :: remember ep, which was coming there before this blog - then, to be perfectly honest, i will have some difficulties to say that this too short ep is pure rubbish, as those 3 tracks are the exact mirror of hybrid feelings on a very high perception of reality. This is the main force and great talent of Polar Project who sometimes goes in the same playground area as the absolute venerated Dusseldorf's cyclists. Juergen Rieger has a magic pallet to decrypt the rigidity of things (close your eyes) but as the difference, with the robots, he transports this one in a tiny bag, that one that carries the true nomads.

Format :: digital
Location :: remember ep
Website :: PolarProject

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Video :: just disappear - courtesy of filament recordings

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NatBateman a dit…

Oh Germany, Germany... Excellent and haunting stuff. This EP wake up every one of my music obsessions. Not impossible to see a review on my own blog popping up sooner or later. ;)