Ahasverus :: the destiny of fabian kazmierski

Difficult not to draw up a relationship between the myth of the wandering Jew (Ahasverus) and this release as much mythical:: the destiny of Fabian Kazmierski. Henrik Summanen (the man behind Ahasverus project) is undoubtedly a major archaeologist of the short cuts. It is true that museums are often places where myth and reality do particularly are on to a good thing. Ahasverus is brilliant there in art to scramble the tracks. Then, I let you discover this strange adventure of Fabian Kamierski through the presentation text of Protoplazma, as we are now entering into dark and deep landscapes. This destiny is all made of beauty that hurts, sometimes threatening (three shadows) sometimes mesmerize (river bank) and there will be no respite. 8 pieces of this emotional impact which leaves you without voice - do not pass beside.

Format :: digital
Location :: protoplazma
Website :: Ahasverus

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