Daniel Maze :: skuba

A few days after the acceptable but finally forgettable "elementary ep", Daniel Maze is giving us :: Skuba, 5 ambient tracks for the electronic label, Standard klik music. Faithful to ambient spirit on construction, Maze developps interestings "granular" atmospheres ( blinded by the sun ) then confirms this interest on textures and coming rythmics drones with the major piece of the release "foodcourt". After a classic "needles", :: Skuba ends with two colored different tracks called "something", one blue and the other green, and as usual, primary color wins …

Format :: digital
Location :: Standard Klik Music

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Matty a dit…

I like the name "Food Court" it conjurs up a certain vibe.

I don't know if you have shitty shopping malls there, but they have a very specific feeling. :D