Petr Drkula :: shades of indian summer

"Composition Shades of Indian Summer is dedicated to my wife. It's something like memory of time when we have met each other. Plain themes returning periodically in small harmonic variations make a characteristic reminiscent touch." Says Petr Drkula and he is a far-sighted lover and an artist as clear-sighted as these :: shades of indian summer are so mostly addictive, that it is probably necessary to prepare the future listener you actually are. Take care with the modern charm of this magician. after 21 minutes 29 of such a harmonic fluidity treatment can we still imagine that a piano may be abused. Petr is indeed a frightening magician proposing to share some impressions of past but especially far from these sedative nostalgias evoked whereas we are comfortably installed in an armchair - This indian summer is beautiful, intensely contemporary and perfectly ... alive - Take care

Format :: digital
Location :: protoplazma
Website :: Petr Drkula

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