Heezen :: secret speech

What splendid days ! ... Beautiful netaudios succeed to other, and non less, beautiful netaudios and it must be said, it is quite delicate to follow this infernal movement. Then, after such a great party, the hangover will be brutal, one day or another. Anyway, as said somewhere Miss County "tomorrow is another day" …

Who are those :: secret speech, all made of particles of souvenirs, extracted from the memory of Raül Fuentes, or was it from old vinyl treasures. A few guitar tunes, a reminiscence of Willian Klein iconography or Jean Seberg selling the “New York herald tribune” on the Champs Elysées, a limpid writing. These secrets are all made of magic. what splendid days !

Format :: cd / digital
Location :: 12rec.
Website :: Heezen

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