Madame Cell :: madame cell

:: madame cell is the result of the intensive and grubbing work of ig.
the accomplices are (in order of appearance in your orl system) ::
Mónica De Nut - Fernando Abreu- Alvaro Iglesias
:: madame cell is the result of improvisations - sound collisions and slides …
:: madame cell is a pretty woman
:: madame cell is all made of talent but in 7 distinctive parts and it is sometimes difficult to have a general point of view on this protean beauty. The beautiful "intermezzo" of :: madame cell have been all made with a piano and it is a beautiful intermezzo. As i am in, i do not understand a word of the presentation text of the release, and i should like to have the translation of these words but as always, i do not want to use those silly surrealistic translator machines.

the "fuga a 2 voce" of :: madame cell is absolutely "impressive" … but i also have to take care on my impressive use of this word, these days. "praeludium en mi" would easily transformed you as an agreeing victim of a mantis reliogosa.
In :: madame cell, after the "mi" is the "re", and it is a pretty good news for all those who prefer short cuts to musical theory - the only problem in that this "praeludium in re" is closing an "a emocion sempre residual" and i agree because i think it means ... essential.

Format :: digital
Location :: alg-a

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ig a dit…

hi thierry i´m ig, this is the best tranlation of the madamme cell text that i can sent you. I dont understand myself, but a friend helped me with it.chau

ig a dit…

MADAMME CELL (or the fragmentation of the moment)

Biothemes composed of ¨cells or sound objects extracted from various recordings of improvisations. Giving life to a full library of sound files that are delirious in their desire to be under submission, ready to be violated and abused in order to escape from C:\improvisacións\muestras. Sequencial sound slide projections o exaltation of the sound object transformed into textures and landscapes. Counterpoint of the sound timbers (Schöemberg) or succession of superpositions. Samples or manipulations of chains of symbols. Will emotion always be a residue here?