Holden :: ambient (live on green air)

Where were you on last May 14th night ?
For my own, i regret not having a walk on the Volga river bank, and sit on the grass, under the trees for this first "live on green air", an open (and fresh) air project. Then here is the testimonial of Holden live set, as another reason of regretting, not having been there. Simply called :: ambient, this 30 minutes long piece is an opportunity to discover some precious tracks of Holden, great sound activist of Nizhny Novgorod and coordinator of the brilliant RatHole Project.
Structured around 4 main themes, and an "audio-recording fields-combined-mix" ended the release, :: ambient, oscillates from classical and quite elegant introduction scheme to darker and deeper technoïd temptation soundscapes, carried by an infinite science on the use of rhythm, the Volga banks must still remember this bass ... abyssal.
Let us turn over to walk again.

Format :: digital
Location :: dead rat records

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