v/a :: movin on

Claudia Bonarelli, .at/on, The Suffragettes, Pero, Shalma-, Salmon, Muffrare, Masaya Sasaki, Goem|fdw, Motor, g_n44f, Lod, Jos Smolders and Andrey Kiritchenko have a common center of interest these days, they are all movin' on this second compilation of Minusn. A pretty and good idea of the label, which gives us to listen to some impatiently waiting artists ( Lod, Kiritchenko, Sasaki…) and discovering some others new collaborations , as "avant-première" (the mysterious Claudia Bonarelli who have a nice trumpet, or the coming "The Suffragettes" with So Inagawa who recently had made us get up with his :: nagoya gun shop ep.
:: movin on is an epiphenomenon of the Minusn gravitation.

Format :: digital
Location :: minusn

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