Metafame :: sooner ep

As a dissident of Anti Trance Corsortium 666, in 2002, and more recently (2004) author of a splendid track for a compilation of the netlabel plataforma-ltw, the very discreet Metafame makes us the honor and favours of a three tracks ep, a great piece of work. Opening on a so elegant and fine writing "confoundhalf-pint", the ep offers a vertiginous takeoff with "ec-nomy" which admittedly have, removed an "o", but certainly not sparing of sensations. Third and unfortunately last, "quaverrack" invits the listener to remain on a "parenthèse enchantée".
Yes, ::sooner is, and will remain a magic bracket.

Format :: digital
Location :: kreislauf label
related :: plataforma-ltw

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